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Identité sociale

Identité sociale

Alexandre Enkerli

on 9 December 2009

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Transcript of Identité sociale

Social Identity Sex Language Country Person Role Status Origin Place Others In-Group Out-Group We-ness We-code Dialogue Negotiation Conflict Strain Competition Gender Age Characteristics Categories Features Skills whoami We/Them Esoteric Exoteric Esoteric-Exoteric My folk The folk Tolerance Openness Social construction Symbolic interactionism Max Weber Erving Goffman Face Politeness Face-threatening act Penelope Brown Sense of self Self Ego Id Sigmund Freud Jean Piaget Scholars Norms Counterculture = sameness ambiguity fence diversity division of labour Emile Durkheim male francophone light-skinned balding wearing glasses Swiss citizen Canadian citizen ethnographer homebrewer 37yo homeroaster saxophone player social butterfly anthropologist part-time faculty Concordia University bearded Indiana University Indiana University Bloomington Indiana University South Bend Bridgewater State College Baptist Health System University of New Brunswick Tufts University Lausanne Montreal Bamako Bloomington Austin Brockton Northampton informal ENFP fun-loving happy passionate social scientist semi-nomadic Bamanan-speaker teacher straight sandal-wearing mostly harmless peace-loving talkative vocal yoga veginner Mac user iPod touch user musician bilingual alter-ego significant others civilization society institutions superego otherness othering them we family kinship network you persona mask rules norms mores morals laws hegemony power control structure deviance affiliations allegiance difference distinction ~ strangeness exotic unfamiliar interactions dyad group her him jungle state nation ethnic group community roles negotiation Identité sociale Alexandre Enkerli @enkerli @iethnographer homme francophone origine suisse média social unique professionnel ethnographie informalité podcasteur L'autre (fictive) Heather Nguyen femme anglophone origine vietnamienne agente immobilière Mile-End hnguyen76@hotmail.com L'autre de l'autre Heather Nguyen carrière quartier communauté communication âge L'autre autre de l'autre bilinguisme
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