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Tundra Nitrogen Cycle

No description

Dos Cadenas

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Tundra Nitrogen Cycle

Tundra Nitrogen Cycle
Animals of the Tundra
Some animals of the tundra are the arctic fox, caribou, ermine, grizzly bvear, harlequin duck, musk ox, polar bear, and the snowy owl
Some plants from the tundra are, arctic moss, arctic willow, bearberry cariibou moss, diamond-leaf willow, labrador tea, pasque flower, and tufted saxifrage
Made by Mike Boyd and Olivia Mae Kling
Tundra Nitrogen Cycle
Step 1
Animals like arctic fox, polar bears, and moose waste goes into the ground
Step 2
Decomposers break down the waste
Step 3
Ammonia and ammonium break it down in to nitrites
Step 4
Nitrites break it down into nitrates
Step 5
Nitrates break it down into denitrifying bacteria or are used in farming plants like beans and corn
Step 6
Denifitrying bacteria goes into the reservoir of nitrogen in the atmosphere
Step 7
The reservoir of nitrogen in the atmosphere goes back into fixation by nitrogen-fixing bacteria or goes back into the ground to be a fertilizer and from there goes back through the procceses

Plants from the tundra
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