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Adventure time! :) <3

At long last, a form assembly on adventure time :)

Ian Smith

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Adventure time! :) <3

What is it?
Adventure time is a quirky, surreal animated series about an enthusiastic boy named Finn, a shape-shifting dog named Jake, and the various monsters and royals they live alongside in the Land Of Ooo. They save princesses, rescue lost apples, solve mysterious crimes, and most of all, destroy all evil!
Awards Won
(for being the best show ever!)
The Land Of Ooo
Who Created It?

Finn and Jake's Treehouse
The Candy Kingdom
(home to Princess Bubblegum and her candy people)
The Ice Kingdom
(where the Ice King and his army of penguins live)
The Fire Kingdom
(where Flame Princess lives with her flame citizens)
The Caves (where Marceline lives)
Lumpy space
(home of the lumpy people)
Castle lemongrab (where Lemongrab and his lemon people live)
Pendleton Ward created it for Frederator Studios for the “Random! Cartoons” project on Nickelodeon. The show was a huge hit and was picked up by Cartoon Network after Pendleton presented it to its executives in 2008. Since then, the show has completed 5 seasons, made over 150 episodes and has been extremely successful.
it has won 4 awards from 2007 to now and has been nominated for a further 37 awards!!!!!
How do they come up with such imaginative ideas?
The writers and produces all sit together in the 'writers room' and talk about what weird and whacky things happened to them that day. If they are lacking anything remotely strange, they just say what comes into their head, and make a rough storyline using those crazy ideas.

Thanks for watching!
Excellent art
Voice actors of the main characters
At the start of each episode, a title card appears. These are designed by several different artists, and then passed onto the painters who paint their designs and submit them to the producers. Their artwork is truly amazing...
Finn is voiced by Jeremy Shada
Jake is voice by John DiMaggio
BMO and Lady Rainincorn are voiced by Nikki Yang
Ice King and (and 17 other minor characters) are voiced by Tom Kenny
Princess Bubblegum is voiced by Hynden Walch
Lemongrab is voiced by Justin Roiland

The program has been so successful that in the UK, it sells t-shirts, hats, bags, DVDs, mugs, badges, plush toys, action figures and more recently, a magazine.

Mia' s Adventure Time Stuff!
Tree Trunks' House
<3 Tree Trunks!!!
This is a comparison between the old and new cartoon style of Finn & Jake
Livy's Favourite episode
It takes the writers around 9 months to create just 1 episode! But as Pendleton Ward says... "in animation, everything’s sort of overlapping all at the same time". He and the other writers are always under pressure to get an episode finished, so they go about their daily lives talking to themselves to come up with ideas, and even pitching jokes to themselves.
How long to complete one episode?

Thought of the day
- Jake the dog
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