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Rich Copenhagen

on 8 November 2014

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Transcript of SSCCC

Legislative Advocacy
AB 595 - Priority Registration
AB 955 - Two-tiered Education
AB 1358 - SSCCC funding
SB 440 - Transfer Reform
AB 1287 - Cal Grants: regaining eligibility
AB 1241 - Cal Grants: indexing with CPI
AB 1364 - Cal Grants: application window
SB 284/285 - Cal Grants: award amount
System Governance
Local Support
What sort of support do we provide?
Policy consultation
"According to the bylaws..."
Governance Support
Having trouble participating effectively in your college's participatory governance structures?
Leadership Training
Building up the leaders of tomorrow.
Making Connections
Building bridges between local student leaders to share ideas and innovation.
Coordinated Legislative Visits
Supporting local leaders in bringing their voices to their representatives in the state legislature and in Congress.
Other Support & Advice
At the request of our local student leaders, the SSCCC does its best to provide support, guidance and advice on almost any issue a student leader may face in the community college system.
Student Identifies Issue
SSCCC Brings Issue to Any of 20+ System Advisory Committees or to the Board of Governors Directly
Committee and State Chancellor's Office Hash out Details
State Chancellor's Office and/or Board of Governors Adopts Change
Some of Our Governance Issues This Year
Board of Governors Fee Waiver
Changes require students to meet academic and progress standards to receive the waiver.
- 2.0 GPA,
- Completing 50% of units attempted.
Sweeping Matriculation Changes
Focuses matriculation priorities on orientation, assessment and education planning.
Requires additional funding for counseling and advising.
Significant sanctions threatening colleges across the state.
Multiple agencies, including the Legislature, investigating the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).
Course repeatability has been reduced.
Improve stability of the CalWORKs program at community colleges.
Provide for increased services for CalWORKs students.
The Budget
Mo' Money Mo' Problems.
Increasing the dollar amount provided by the state per student;
Backfilling any loss of funding;
Increasing categorical funding;
Improving faculty full-time to part-time ratios;
Fending off unit caps and performance-based funding proposals.
Local Student Government Advisors
Clarification of role and duties, as well as power and authority.
Cal Grants
Increase award amount.
Expand availability.
Widen access window.
The Leg Agenda
Board of Governors
Chancellor's Office
Educational Partner
Advisory Committees
Student Senate
What is the importance of students' educational goals vs. system goals for those students?
Sets requirements for disadvantaged students above and beyond those who do not receive the BOGFW.
Some students in performing arts classes and other enrichment classes are pushed out with these changes.
The loss of a students confidence in their college can damage their experience and likelihood of completion; the loss of a community's confidence in their college can reduce the value of degrees and certificates offered by that college, hurting the students graduating.
The Future
Self Sufficiency
Creation of in-house operations administering coordination of the work of the SSCCC.
Best Practices Library
We are currently building the foundation for a library of best practices, models and other resources for local student leaders.

This library will be digitally hosted through our website.
Regional Support Offices
Offices serving each SSCCC region will provide a physical location to access the SSCCC's resources, as well as staff support for regional work and local organizing projects.
Grants for Local Projects
We aim to give back to our colleges not just in services, but with grants as well to support local organizing and leadership projects.
Internships for Students
Both regional and state-level internships will give students paid experience and training in:
Legislative advocacy,
Graphic design,
Outreach and campus organizing,
Policy development and research.
is coming...
The California Student Association of Community Colleges
1987 - 2005
Presidential Summit
Local Student Body Presidents
October, 2005
In October of 2007, then-Chancellor Drummond invited all of the Student Body Government Presidents to a "Presidential Summit."
Call to Action - Create a new Student Senate that was inclusive and provided for effective engagement in state level participatory governance.
Twenty students were elected from all ten regions in the state to begin the work of formation.
Principles for an Effective Student Senate
Provide students at every community college the opportunity and encouragement to participate.
Maintain an effective communications system among the colleges, regions and with statewide representatives.
Encourage participation by local student governments.
Ensure mechanisms for participants to be supported and well-informed.
Create an infrastructure that is sustainable as students transition.
Embrace partnerships with other system representatives.
Insist that student leaders be responsible and accountable.
Keep the students' interest at the forefront.
Student Senate for California Community Colleges Constitution Ratified
May 7th, 2006
20 Regional Senators were elected for the 2006-2007 term.

Election of the 10 At-Large Senators was postponed until the Fall 2007 General Assembly.
Oct., 2005
May 7, 2006
The California Junior College Association
The California Community College
Student Government Association
The Community College Student Lobby
112 California Community Colleges
2.3 million students
10 SSCCC Regions
Student Senate Council
General Assembly
113 Local Student Governments
Office Space
Staff Support
Stable Funding
Institutional Memory
Meeting Space
Staff Offices
Resource Library
Communications Director
Executive Director
Director of Finances
Field Director
Resource Development and Training Coordinator
Website upkeep and expansion
Legislative Director
Organizational Infrastructure
In-house financial upkeep and reporting
Event planning support
Legal Support
This is our home.
This is our family.
And may we never beg for money again.
Creates a foundation for equitable representation
Predictable budgeting
Expanded opportunities
Phone & Fax
Intern Offices
Physical Access to the SSCCC
A Library of Best Practices,
Resources and Ideas for
Local Student Leaders.

Crowd-sourced information
Public access
Governing document templates
Event hosting guides
Policy building examples
Organizational structures
What are common student fee practices?
Links to laws and regulations
Budgeting procedures
Material and asset management
How do I promote student life on campus?
What is a good process for appointing students to committees?
How do you get information back to your ASO from shared governance groups?
Club organizing basics
How to build a resource binder for new ASO members
What is the ASO's relationship with our adviser?
How to best work with your student trustee(s)
How can my ASO raise funds?
Offices to Support Regional Operations and Local Organizing
All Over the State
Santa Barbara
Downtown Los Angeles
San Diego
Easily Accessible
Staffed to Serve
Regional and Local Training
Travel coordination
Meeting administration
Advice and guidance
Internship oversight
Grant oversight
Outreach to local student leaders
Organizing connections with local elected officials and organizations
Giving a Physical Presence to the SSCCC
Come and visit!
A place to talk student government
Collaborate with nearby colleges
Find out how to get access to resources you need
Get paid to intern with the SSCCC
~1981 ~ 1984
Oct., 1987
Late 60's to mid 70's
Regular, consistent financial practices
Grant opportunities
Our Humble Beginnings
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