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My summer trip to Ireland

Sarah Makin

on 11 April 2015

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Transcript of Ireland

My Trip to Ireland
Horseback Riding
Cross Country
Making new friends
Just Horsing Around
In August of 2009 a group of 10 girls from Sunnybrook Stables in Toronto traveled to Ireland. While there we had an extrodinary time developing friendships and riding horses!!
Of course, being the oldest I had a more difficult time bonding with the other girls, however we manged to get by. We spent our many free hours wondering the cross country courses and taking day outings into the local town for bowling or to the Irsih National Stud Farm.
The most thrilling part of our vacation was taking our horses out cross country. We did this for one to two hours a day. It was so thrilling to gallop through the Irish countryside jumping logs, streams, gates, or anything else that crossed our paths. Nothing compares to Cross Country!!
Horsebacking riding lessons wouldn't be complete without lessons that focused more on Theory. We spent an hour to two hours every day in a sand arena developing our flat work and jumping techniques. Don't get me worng we also played a number of games, but nothing compared to the cross country field!!
There were a couple of lessons were we ventured off the property on trails. Here we galloped through the corn fields or found lots of water to play with. These lesson were a lot of fun but nothing compares to Cross Country!!!
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