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What Makes people want to help others?

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gina poblete

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of What Makes people want to help others?

My Memoir:
In My Hands
Irene Gut was a Holocaust RESCUER
Theory Number 2
You are a Rescuer?
Theory Number 3
Theory Number 4
We do it so that it will pay up later?
What makes people WANT to help others?
What Makes people want to help others?

Group membership?

Bystanders are more likely to help a stranger, if they share something in common
Manchester fans were more likely to help the person wearing a Manchester shirt, rather than a person wearing liver pool, or just an ordinary shirt
A 2nd test was run
Participants were as likely to help a victim in a Manchester United shirt as they were to help someone in a Liverpool shirt. But they were more likely to help those wearing team shirts than those who were not.


Group membership does factor into who is helping who

You want to rescue someone so that they will
A "Rescuer" needs to be needed because maybe deep down they believe that its the only way they will be worthy and loveable.
You believe they are weak and you are strong.

Some people will do a good deed, so that later, they expect a good thing to boomerang back to you.
We also call this "good karma"

Next Step: Survey
How do you feel when someone helps you?
Makes me want to help someone else
depending on the situation, I would rather people not because I can feel helpless
It feels like the hard work i spent for 4 years volunteering with special needs kids finally pays off. What goes around comes around.

Why or Why not?
Yes I would help him:
I help anyone and everyone.
I would see how confident I felt that he was okay. Then I would probably help him if no one else did.
He is old and unable to get up on his own.
If I was in the same situation I would want someone to help me
I would feel responsible if any further damage happened or uncomfortable if people thought I pushed him

I would be Hesitant
I probably wouldn't because I didn't know him and he was a stranger.
If I thought he could help himself I would let him
if he is sketchy I would not want to get in the middle of that.
He might be hurt, but he might hurt me
No, I would not
yes I would help him

don't want him hurt.
like helping old people
he is not questionable If he was well put together
I feel ashamed that I would help one and not the other.
we have a gut instinct to stereotype people so that we stay away from sketchy people for our own safety
And I would really like to think that I would help both but I really sadly think I might not.

No, I wouldn't
I would feel uncomfortable helping someone I don't know but I would feel bad if I didn't help.
Someone else might get there first.
Even though he is still put together he is still a man and you never know.
I'm not a people person
Do you think their appearance
affects whether or not you should help
that person?
56.5% yes 43.5% no
it would affect your willingness to go to them
every person has a first impression of someone else,

St.Edwards Elderly Center
3:30-6:30 for a couple of days
helped serve food,
talk to them,
took them to where they needed to be
much more sensitive of the people around me
This was an enlightening experience
Keeping this experience in mind, I try to constantly think about helping others more

"I believe that dance should be for every child."

"I am also so grateful that I have the ability to dance, and I want to share that with children who otherwise wouldn't have the financial resources to do so."

" I've always been amazed by the kindness and compassion shown by dancers and audiences at these events, and wanted to create this camaraderie in my hometown"
Lynda Zielinski
Retired physiologist
Lives happily with her family in Cleveland
Born in Vienna, Austria, 1943 during WWII
hidden child during the Holocaust
She is a little uneasy when someone tries to help her, but then is pleasantly surprised when someone does help her
willing to put her life on the line for her family
"During the time of the Nazis it was easier to hide if you had blond hair and blue eyes, as I did."
What theory do you use when you help people?

Do you believe in pure Altruism?

After seeing the survey responses, do you have a new perspective of helping others?

Definition: Altruism is selfless concern for the welfare of others.
Pure Altruism vs. Duty
Duty: you help for an obligation or for a person, etc...

Pure Altruism focuses on a motivation to help others or a want to do good, without reward

no such thing as ‘pure’ altruism. When we help strangers, there must always be some benefit to us, even if we’re not aware of it.

Theory Number 1
The End
People's personalities are what I would base helping them off of
appearance doesn't matter.

Cara Poblete
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