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Thirdi Software

The 5 Problems Online Businesses Face Today...And How To Solve Them

Nick Molnar

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Thirdi Software

the 4 Problems
Online Businesses Face Today They have a business idea, but don't understand what the technical and design challenges are or their cost They lack an online presence Poor search rankings Tiny social media audience Poor conversion rate Disappointing web traffic Low quality technology
and design Painful maintenance Pages are ugly, and look dated Confusing interface Most of your development time is spent paying off "technical debt" Technical Debt The term "technical debt" was coined by Ward Cunningham to describe the obligation that a software organization incurs when it chooses a design or construction approach that's expedient in the short term but that increases complexity and is more costly in the long term. Teams are not working together Greater expense More frustration Thirdi Was Created To Solve Many Of These Problems
Affordable Discovery Packages Scope out business ideas
Create online project plans
Understand your online competitors
Discover new business models or opportunities Lead Generation &
Online Marketing
Built into all software development plans
Complete In House Team
Design PHP
Rails Hosting Project Management QA SEO Strategy Experienced Team
Not outsourced Average 5+ years work experience Local Knowledge Committed To Your Long-Term Growth
Software warranty Ongoing support We prefer Long-term clients The Thirdi Advantage Team Based Approach
We have an experienced team that understands your business needs Creative Design
Web Strategy
Project Management Java
+More You and your customers are protected, legally Save
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