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Mexican Cession

No description

trenten johnson

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Mexican Cession

By Claire DeMay, Trenten Johnson, and Emma Bangert Mexican Cession Congress voted to annex Texas. To Mexico the annexation of Texas was an act of war. Meanwhile Texas and Mexico could no agree on a border. Polk was waiting for an excuse to go to war, then he got one. Mexican soldiers fired on US troops patrolling Rio Grande. Then Congress declares war on Mexico. The Mexican-American war has begun. In California, a group of Americans lead by an explorer, John C. Fremont, created a rebellion against the Mexicans. The rebels arrested and jailed General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo. Then the rebels hung a flag of a grizzly bear in blackberry juice. When Kearny got to California he joined the rebels. In weeks, the Americans claimed California. General Stephen Kearny had orders to occupy New Mexico and then go to California. The Mexicans gave up New Mexico after seeing Kearny's army. So this was an amazing accomplishment of taking a state without firing a single shot. General Zachary Taylor (or "Old Rough and Ready") and his men battled from Texas to the South. After the battle at Monterry an old enemy topped them. This man was known as General Santa Anna. Polk's plan to get the Mexican Cession was once the Mexicans declare their independence, they would need money and would sell the land to the US to get money. But the mexicans Refused to see the rep. from the US. In February 1847, the 2 armies fought . After 2 days of fighting Santa Anna retreated. A month later, General Winfeild Scott (or "Old Fuss and Feathers") fought from Veracruz to Mexico City. At the castle of Chapultec, the Mexicans deafened the fortress. In Mexico 6 boys died than surrendered and are called Ninos Heroes or the boy heroes. Scott's army then captured Mexico city in September 1847. In early 1848, Mexico and the US signed a treaty called the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In this agreement Mexico gave up Texas and the Mexican Cession(New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, and a part of Wyoming and Colorado). Then the US would pay $15 million and protect Mexican civilians, but that was a promise not kept. Then Senators were fighting to oppose the treaty, while others wanted more land. Then the treaty was ratified by an 38 to 14 vote. Review it took 29 years to get that land
it was important because some people say it was a completion of their Manifest Destiny
it was gained by a treaty, payment, and war Thanks for Listening
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