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Project Based Learning

No description

Charity Moran

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Project Based Learning

Exploring Samples
So...What's Next?
Let's watch a video....

PBL Explained
Choose a topic, subject, framework
Collaborate across content areas
Create a project
Sign up for which team meeting you will present your project for Critical Friends Protocol with the Rubric

create an archive of exemplars for teachers
build capacity within
inform our YAG-writing process
So What's Next?
"Bookends" of Crafting a PBL Unit
What do you notice on this checklist?

How does this checklist connect to the Ideal Student and Ideal Teacher Lists you created?

How does this checklist relate to COMPASS?
Elements Checklist
Let's Consider
Did you KNOW...?
Purpose of this Overview
Support we provide teachers
YAG-crafting process
OURSELVES - to expand our repetoire

Insight into PBL to inform:
Use the 8 Elements Checklist & Project Development Rubric to evaluate

Let's discuss what you find....
LDC & MDC Samples
What do you notice about this rubric?

We will use this rubric to Critical Friends our teammate's projects in the upcoming weeks
Project Development Rubric
Consider COMPASS as you discuss & decide as a table

We will refer to this chart frequently throughout the presentation
What's Your Ideal Student?

What does instruction look like for your Ideal Teacher?
As a facilitator in the future, to prepare you
As a participant, to give "Big Bucket" items of PBL
Each "Bucket" has nuances that can take an entire day in and of themselves
Today is the Big Picture
Today will be presented from 2 perspectives:
Project Based Learning in a very small Nutshell
NTN Sample Planning Toolkit
Buck Institute Documents
Driving Question Tubric
Project Teaching & Learning Guide
Project Calendar
Project Overview
Project Assessment Map
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