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English 1 Honors Poetry Unit Test

No description

Vicki Rice

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of English 1 Honors Poetry Unit Test

This Feeling The World's Most Daring Man
had always dreamed of
jumping from higher than an eagle could fly.

He set the date, and up he went.
Tied to a balloon
Twenty-four miles into the atmosphere.
Then he opened his door and inflated his suit

He fell and he fell,
Back down to Earth.
Until the ground rested solidly beneath his feet.

But as new research came out
About his daring escapade,
The scientists examining the data
He collected
Released the fact
That he fell
At Mach 1.25, or 843.6 miles an hour.

That's 1.25 times faster than the speed
Of sound.
And that the jump was from
127,852 feet up.
that turned out to be
248 feet lower than
scientists estimated. Chasing the Dream The Game's Faults A Walk to Remember Walking across the frozen ground
I heard quite a crazy sound.
I looked over and across from me,
There sat an antelope in a tree.

I looked up and down,
And all around
Suddenly hearing more crazy noises
I listened to calls, cries and voices.

Calling to my friends, I said,
Come join me here, get out of bed!!
They refused to join in on my fun,
Leaving this a day for one...

These animals surrounded me,
hung like trapezes from the trees
Monkeys, apes and antelopes,
Me wishing for popcorn and a coat.

I'll never forget the day I was there,
Exchanging a stroll for my kitchen chair
This shudderingly cold day in November
Left me with a walk to remember Time creeps so slowly,
I feel like I'm falling in reverse.

The day drags past,
Ever so slowly.

I can't wait to be out of here,
This chamber of restraint.

Mindless jumble of things forcing its way
into my brain.

I sleep walk through the day,
waiting to go home. By Vicki Rice Poetry Compilation Mrs. Westhoff is better!! ;) The grip of a cold hand around my neck
Pulling me under this ocean of sorrow
Reminds me that
I am what I make myself

No one can change me but me.
I struggle, we fight, this being and I
I kick hard, my foot
connects with a satisfying thunk

I hear a cry of pain,
The grip on my neck loosens,
I try to pull away.
But this grip of fantasy is too strong.

I must win this struggle,
I fight harder than ever.
I won't drown in the sea
Of my uncertainty
I refuse to let this happen.

I finally land a blow
Hard enough to release the grip
Completely. I turn around to face this
Being who restricted me,
Look closely at its face
And discover myself
Staring back at me. The Battle Within
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