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Pre Civil War Events

Some of the major events that led up to the Civil War

liberty diva

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of Pre Civil War Events

Events Leading to the Civil War
Kept balance between free and slave states (Missouri slave, Maine free)
Banned slavery in Louisiana territory north of 36 degree 30 north
anything N was free and S could be slave
Put fugitive slave cases under federal jurisdiction

Warrants could be issued for runaways

Citizens were deputized to assist

Fines or jail sentences upon those who refused to cooperate or help runaways
Northerners refused to assist

Underground railroad grew

Harriet Beecher Stowe writes “Uncle Toms Cabin” to explain the problems of slavery

With many people from the North and South coming in all were trying to get control
Two groups collided causing a bloody confrontation
Debate on whether it should divide into many slave states or stay one big state

Texas was a slave state

After Mexican war U.S. added California and New Mexico

Slave to a doctor he was taken to a free state for 2 years
Scott claims that living there gives him freedom so he sues all the way to the Supreme Court. The decision came back that slaves were property not right to sue. Also stated that the Missouri Compromise violated the Constitution and became void
Primarily over the issue of slavery
Douglas from the South for slavery
Lincoln from the North anti-slavery
Douglas a better speaker and won the debate and won the Senatorial election
Lincoln gained many followers as a result
John Brown radical abolitionist raided an arsenal at Harper’s Ferry

Goal was to free slaves by force

Government responded captured Brown put him on trial for treason and hanged him
The election of Lincoln created the split
In a convention South Carolina declares that the union with the U.S. was now dissolved
Lincoln captured the election because the Democratic party split votes between Douglas and Breckenridge
Lincoln won all Northern states and some states in the western territory but not one slave state
Lincoln was not placed on any ballot in the South at all
Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia joined South Carolina in secession

Created their own constitution which resembled the U.S. document

Jefferson Davis chosen President of the Confederacy Alexander Stephens Vice President
He will not interfere with those that have slaves
Will not allow secession
Carry out all laws, hold all federal properties and still collect monies that the government is entitled to
Fort Sumter- Northern fort in South Carolina

Lincoln tries to send supplies but Confederacy attacks the fort

After 33 hours the fort falls to the South

This is the first battle of the Civil War

As a result Richmond Virginia becomes the capitol of the South
Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas seceded
Two states formed and would choose through popular sovereignty to be slave or free
Missouri Compromise repealed as a result of this act
California admitted as a free state

New Mexico could decide if they wanted to be free or slave

Slave trade prohibited but not slave ownership

Texas had to give up its claim to part of New Mexico in return for $10 mil
Fugitive slave law passed to help slave owners get runaways
1845 Texas annexation
Compromise of 1850
1850 Fugitive Slave Law
Resistance in the North
1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act
1856 Bleeding Kansas
1857 Dred Scott Decision
1858 Lincoln/Douglas Debate
1859 Raid on Harper’s Ferry
1860 Election of Lincoln
Dec. 1860 - South Carolina Secedes
Feb. 1861 Confederate States of America formed
Mar. 1861- Lincoln Inaugurated
16th President of the United States
April 1861 War Begins
1820 Missouri Compromise
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