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Brand Management Presentation

Amanda Gonçalves

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Tomorrowland

Products & Services Introduction Media Messages Target Market Conclusion Tomorrowland counts with successful marketing strategy through the new influential social media triangle which boosts their brand awareness, brand engagement, and word of mouth and allows Tomorrowland brand to position itself at the top electronic festivals in the market worldwide. Situation Analysis Internal
- What business are we in?
- Lifetime experience
- Young people between 18-28
- 180.000 tickets in 2013
- New music
- Best DJs External
- Many events around the world
- Ease of travel and communication
- Infrastructure
- Awareness of electronic music Love Unity Sublime Beauty Product & Services - Features:
•One of the largest music festivals in the world
•It reunites the most recognized international djs for 3 days.
•Offers a variety of sub-genres within the electronic music scene
•The festival is surrounded by a fairy tale decoration, which takes people out of reality. Tomorrowland focuses on the advertising aspect of the promotional mix. Presents and promotes their event through 3 major sites – Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. - Message platform
•Potential customer
•Young audience
•Electronic music lovers
•Music festival
•Consistency - AIDA

- Attention
•Future location
- Interest
•New DJ and music launches
- Desire
•Limit and difficulty to get a ticket.
- Action
•Biggest music festivals worldwide
•Tomorrowland Tomorroworld Target Audience
-How Big?
-Who is the target audience?
-Buyers and Deciders
-Influencers Strategic Issue
-How is it possible to increase the offer so that more people can experience tomorrowland?
-Expand to another country
-Regulations and laws
-Communication issues? Not at all the complete opposite
-Improve brand awareness by leaving Europe
-Keeping the same concept
-Prices might rise
-Promoting by making countries compete in social networks - Functions:
•Reunites people from the entire world
•Live performances
•Fun and upbeat environment
- Benefits:
•Unforgettable experience.
•Creates happiness to people
•Produces love for music Thank You!! Amanda Monteiro
Ana Lucia Lossio
Andre Yescas
Gerardo Tiscareño
Viviana Garrido
Zedrick Gallegos Our Market
Markets Segment
Trends Effects
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