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Presentation for Class

Joel Wisner

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of passwords

file Knock Knock
Neo Your Passwords
Are Weak,
Let's Improve
Them Background Image: Some rights reserved by Patrick Hoesly Longer = Stronger This infographic was designed and created by Killer Infographics. At State, password policy is found in
12 FAM 623.3-1 Basic Password Rules at State:
at least 12 characters
does not contain your name
contains 3 of the 4 groups:
numerals (0 - 9)
punctuation ( !, $, #, %, space, etc.)

Can't be the same as your previous 24 passwords!

That's 4 years at 60 day password change intervals! Too Many Passwords! Manage Them! LastPass 1Password but take care and don't use them for work! Image: xkcd.com Your complex password provides limited security... If you do nothing else...

Make your personal email password
distinct - not the same as another
difficult - hard to guess, man or machine
different - change it regularly @JoelWisner
WisnerJH@state.gov Would you like to know more?
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