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Throne of fire Summary

No description

Momo Premocat

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Throne of fire Summary

Characters •Sadie- 13-14 years old
•Carter- 14 years old
•Walt-15 years old
•Jazz-15 years old
•Zia- 14 years old
•Felix- 9 years old
•Mad Claude- Ghost of a Roman
•Vlad Menshikov
•Michel Desjadins- first chief lector
•Amus- second chief lector Gods •Anubis- God of funerals and death
•Apophis- God of chaos
•Babi- Baboon god
•Bast- Cat goddess
•Bes- Dwarf god
•Geb- Earth god
•Heket- Frog goddess
•Horus- War god, son of Isis and Osiris
•Isis- Goddess of magic, wife of her brother Osiris and mother of Horus
•Khnum- Ram-headed god, Ra’s aspect at sunset in the underworld
•Khonsu- Moon god
•Mekhit- Minor loin goddess, married to Onuris
•Nekhbet- Vulture goddess
•Nephthys- River goddess
•Osiris- God of the underworld, husband of his sister Isis and father of Horus
•Ptah- God of craftsmen
•Ra- Sun god, the god of order. Also known as Amun- Ra
•Sekhmet- Lion goddess
•Set- God of evil
•Sobek- Crocodile good
•Tawaret- Hippo goddess
•Thoth- God of knowledge *Sadie and carter have to wake the sun god Ra before the world ends.
*Personification- With everyone at breakfast, the mansion was strangely silent. Pg 48
*Sadie has her birthday and goes to London to visit her grandma and grandpa and her two friends Liz and Emma.
*She goes to her Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house to find that a god and goddess (Babi and Nekkebet) have taken over her grandparent’s and used them as hosts.
*Runs from them and finds Liz and Emma on the way.
*They meet Bes the dwarf god. Now Bes was as tall as a dwarf. He had a very hairy chest. He was often found wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts but when he was in battle or trying to scare something he had Speedos on and yelled BOO! Bes scared the god’s away.
*Sadie meets up with Carter, says goodbye to Liz and Emma and are on their way to Russia to find a sacred scroll, needed to find and awaken the sun god Ra.
*Go to Vlad Menshikov’s mansion get in a fight with Vlad Menshikov he summons a tjesu heru. *Carter and Sadie battle the tjesu heru and carter gets bitten by it.
*Simile- You wouldn’t think a creature with no back end could move so fast, but it bent both heads toward us like a giant horseshoe and charged. Pg 173
*The tjesu heru’s bite is very lethal and Carter passed out and nearly dies.
Get into Bes’s Mercedes. Bes drove like a maniac and made them drive off the bridge.
*Onomatopoeia- BANG! The Mercedes careened sideways. Pg 191
Sadie and Carter are saved from the Mercedes by Bes. Cater is in a Critical condition. Sadie learns his secret name and saves him.
*Sadie and Carter split their ways.
*Sadie goes to find the next scroll needed to find and awaken Ra.
*Carter goes to find Zia, who was buried in a tomb and put asleep to protect her.
*Sadie goes to find the scroll and Walt joins her. They go to a city outside of Cairo and see a cat running up the hill. Bast used the cat to communicate to Sadie and Walt.
*Bast tells them where to go and warns them about the Romans.
*They go to a tomb and meet a roman ghost Mad Claude.
*He leads them to the spot where the scroll is but he asks that he and his friends Ba’s are to be released. *Sadie and Walt refuse and Mad Claude brings an army of mummies back to kill him.
*Sadie asks the god Ptah for help and he sends a army of rats. The rats eat away all the mummies.
*Meanwhile Carter finds Zia in an underwater tomb and awakens her but Carter finds that Zia did not share memories the replica of her, playing her life.
*Zia goes away and Carter and Bes meet up with Sadie and Walt.
*Walt and Bes go back to Brooklyn House and Sadie and Carter go into the Duat to perform the trip Ra used to do.
*Go through the Duat and go through all the houses of night. They get to the 8th house and stop.
*Find Ra. Ra comes back very wrinkly and old.
*Get back on boat.
*Stop at Aaru, Ra’s pit stop in the night.
*Realize that they can’t get to the last house in time so they gamble for 3 hours from the moon god Khonsu. Summary *Imagery and simile- He looked about twenty, thin and tall and kind of glamorous. His face was totally human, but his irises were silver. His head was shaven except for a glossy black ponytail on one side of his head, like Ancient Egyptian youth used to wear. His silvery suit looked to have been tailored in Italy (I only know that because Amos and my dad both paid a lot of attention to suits.) The fabric shimmered like some bizarre mix of silk and aluminum foil. His shirt was black and collarless, and several pounds of platinum chains hung around his neck. The biggest piece of bling was a silver crescent amulet. When his fingers drummed on the back of his chair, his rings and Platinum Rolex flashed. If I’d seen him in the mortal world, I might’ve gussed he was a young Native American Billionaire casino owner. But here in the Duat, with that crescent-shaped amulet around his neck…
“Moon pie!” Ra cackled with delight.
“You’re Khonsu,” I guessed. “The moon god.” Pg 384
*Simile- He smiled at me, his silver eyes flashing like a shark’s. Pg 387 *Bes’s soul gets devoured by Khonsu but the kids earn enough time to get to the 12th house
*Get to the 12th house and see daylight at the other end. There is a hole that does not belong in the tunnel and Sadie, Carter and Ra fall down the hole and find Apophis, where they are forced to battle the giant snake like creature……..
*Do they defeat him? Read the book and find out. Bes gave him a toothy grin. “Depends on what you mean, kid. Every great empire is a wannabe Egypt. Having Egyptian stuff makes them feel important. That’s why you’ve got ‘new’ Egyptian artifacts in Rome, Paris, London- you name it. That obelisk in Washington-“ Pg 146-147 Favorite Quote Genera Historical fiction Theme Always have hope and never give up Recommend? Yes! This book teaches many good life lessons and has a ton of literary devices. Rick Riordan describes all of the characters very well so you can get a good idea of what all the characters look like. Read the book but start on book one
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