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Project Charter 1

Project Charter 1

Erika McCormick

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Project Charter 1

27 March 2013 Project Charter (PC) Overview Goals cont. Challenges to Overcome Current Examples 1 Existing CC Charter

2 Nathan's Project Charter

3 SitRep

4 FY13 proj hr breakdown Process Take what has been done and keep what works
Get rid of what does not work or does not make sense.
Add elements for current EUD Environmental and customer needs.
Create a process that is flexible Goals WHO will use the Revised Project Charter? Different Programs (CC, ITAM, DLA-E, USAG, etc)
With Construction Oversight
Without Construction Oversight.
Projects have different levels of effort
Bauamt Goals
Who will Benefit
Elements of Project Charter
Examples of what has been done
New Project Charter Suggestions Project Charter Project Charter, Nathan’s, Sit Rep, labor spreadsheet, many other PM tracking sheets. Problems, No consistency, current project charter takes too much time, spreadsheets are too complicated for all task orders Project Managers,
Program Managers
Supervisors Why Do a Project Charger Easier transition from one PM to another due to consistency
Tracking funds accurately
Systematic approach to present level of effort
Reporting to Supervisors should be easier New Project Charter
Suggestions Suggestions for a path forward 1) Utilize Nathan's versions with minor modifications as the basis.

2) Include cover sheet similar to Original Project charter

3) Include sheet that address sit rep information Note; The use of the original project order may be required by the customer for the compliance and cleanup program. Thus proper instruction should be provided prior to using the spreadsheets. WHERE we are: Consistency, a form that most PMs would consider using so that one can provide detailed info to Section Chiefs in a standard way.
Tracking funds accurately
Systematic approach to present level of effort and
updates to supervisors and customers as needed. WHAT we are trying to achieve: Elements of a Project Order Funds request, P2, CEMFS, PIF, PnA Pulse, PR&C, SOS, IGE, RFP memo, QASP, Green sheets, RPF package, proposal review, PNO, PNM, negotiate, PR&C for Award, Award package
Pre-Award/Award Kick off meeting, Pre-site visit, Coordination CVS, Work plan reviews, Invoice, P2 status, LIR, review of monthly reports, process potential modifications. Post Award Close Out Close out process, Release of Claims, P2 close out, etc… Existing Project Charter Nathan's Project Charter SitReps Project Hourly Breakdown
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