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No description

Ana Olson

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Transcendental

My Transcendental Project
Free Thought
I think that Emerson is trying to say that you can say whatever you want. Say what your thinking and say it like you mean it. This applies to my life because I believe I can say what I want. I grew up in a household that taught me to never let someone push me over and to say what I am thinking. I believe we decide what we think, others cannot control our thoughts.
I think what their trying to say is that we are all made by God and what God made is perfect. This applies to my life because how I look or dress is to please my own self and not to please anyone else. I believe that no one has to right to tell someone how they should dress or look. To me confidence is being happy with yourself and if how you look and dress makes you happy, then you have confidence.
I think Emerson is trying to say that only you can set your boundaries and goals. No one else can say you cannot do something or you are not able to accomplish a dream or goal. This applies to my life because I believe that it is up to me to set my goals and dreams. I do not believe it is up to anyone else to question them or say I can only go so far. As long as I believe it, I can do it
"Who can set bounds to the possiblities of man?"
"... that imitation is suicide"
What Emerson is trying to say is that if you try to conform to society, so you can be like everyone else, that you kill who you really are inside. This relates to my life because I truly believe that you do not have to act or dress a certain way to make someone else happy. I feel that if people are so worried about fitting in and what others think then they are in a way, wasting their life by not being able to express themselves. Whatever I do in life I do it to please myself, not anyone else.
"Speak what you think now in hard words..."
"...I am part or a particle of God"
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