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reDesign Team

on 17 July 2017

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Transcript of TSUNAMIS

Assignment #1: PHOTO DROP
NEWSROOM: Can I outrun a tsunami?
What causes tsunamis?
Take me to this photo essay: http://goo.gl/fJOlGf >>
NEWSROOM: What happens after a tsunami hits?
Take me to this article: https://goo.gl/XsOoUv >>
Take me to this article: http://goo.gl/4HwqJn >>
Take me to this article! https://goo.gl/DI3Ojs >>
Take me to this article! http://goo.gl/G4veit>>
What is a seismologist?
Take me to this career resource! http://goo.gl/L2kX7D >>
Take me to this career resource! http://goo.gl/L2kX7D >>
Take me to this article! http://goo.gl/LTNcYy >>
The immense swell of a tsunami can grow up to 100 feet, hitting speeds over 500 mph! This video details the causes of these towering terrors and explains how scientists are seeking to reduce their destruction in the future.
In 2011 one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded hit northeast Japan, causing over $300 billion dollars worth of damage and killing nearly 22,000 people. How did it happen and what were its affects?
Take me to this article! http://goo.gl/5vwFYw >>
What would you do if you were in the path of a tsunami? Could you outrun it? What should you do? Check out this article and video to find out!
Take me to this article! http://goo.gl/GVXcWh >>
More than five years after the devastating tsunami that struck Japan, people are still dealing with the effects of the disaster.
ART STUDIO: How will we remember the impact?
Poet and writer Gretel Ehrlich shares her reflections on the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, where she traveled to document the physical and emotional aftermath.
Take me to her poetry reading: http://goo.gl/tpAmbo >>
Take me to this web page of poems: http://goo.gl/4WktYC >>
Take me to this online art exhibit! http://goo.gl/G5NhyH >>
Explore how scientists are working to predict - and tame - the tsunamis that can threaten some coastal communities. In Assignment #3 MAKING WAVES, you'll share what you learned, using details from at least two of these four resources.
What is a seismologist and what kinds of jobs do seismologists do?
Can you stop the disaster?
: Use these resources, and others that you have already explored, to complete Assignment #2!
Reflective Summary
Text Annotation

Welcome to the final stage in this Exploration! It is now time to select one or more of the projects below. Follow the link to the Student Task Guide that will help you create your final project. All projects must be submitted through Google Classroom. Good luck!
Video Animation
Photo Essay
Show what you learned using the power of images and short descriptions to build a photo essay.
Let's go! https://goo.gl/prrzNx >>
Write a short reflection that shares what you've learned through this exploration.
Let's go! https://goo.gl/MzpUUi >>
Create an infographic that communicates key information with a specific purpose.
Let's go! https://goo.gl/4cJaQv >>
Create a video animation that shows what you learned in this exploration.
Let's go! https://goo.gl/a9VqxR >>
Select an important reading from this exploration and annotate the text to show your learning.
Let's go! https://goo.gl/tQszYH >>
We hope you enjoyed this Exploration on Tsunamis! Take this 2 minute feedback survey to help us learn from your experience and improve future Explorations!
Take me to the feedback survey! http://goo.gl/forms/rpoKiVmuOOgYNUaj2
what makes
so dangerous?

Use your keyboard arrows to move forward or back through the Prezi. Or you can break from the path and click on anything that interests you!
All Assignments and Projects are marked in PINK and can be found, and submitted, on
Google Classroom!
When you finish exploring, you will go to the "Project" Box and choose a project to show what you've learned! Turn in your Project using Google Classroom!
Have questions or problems? Contact your teacher by sending a Google Classroom message. Good luck!
Assignment #3: MAKING WAVES
Assignment #2: TSUNAMI SCIENCE
Take me to Google Classroom! https://goo.gl/Zyo6iA >>
Can tsunamis be predicted?
Take me to Google Classroom! https://goo.gl/Zyo6iA >>
This Tsunami Exploration offers two book choices! Pick one to read. As you read, you will keep a
Summer Book Journal
! Go to Google Classroom to find your Summer Book Journal and get started. Enjoy!
Take me to this game! http://goo.gl/DZpRUF >>
Take me to Google Classroom! https://goo.gl/Zyo6iA >>
Grade 2-5
Grade 3-7
TIP: Click on the
of a box to zoom in and see the box in full view!
TIP: Click on an IMAGE inside a box (video/resource link) to start learning!
Take me to Google Classroom! https://goo.gl/Zyo6iA >>
Have you ever been to the beach and been knocked over by a wave as it crashes toward the shore? If so, you have an idea of the power each wave carries. Try to imagine the power carried by a wave over 100 feet tall. This photo shows the devastation caused by such a wave.Use this photograph to complete Assignment #1 in Google Classroom!
Take me to Google Classroom! https://goo.gl/Zyo6iA >>
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