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Italy: Maratea - Italian Project

My Italian project for school

Savitri Reekbhawan

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Italy: Maratea - Italian Project

Italy: Maratea More Facts PICTURES OF Hotel Gabbiano - Acquafredda, Maratea .......... Hotel Gabbiano - Acquafredda, Maratea Day 1: Hiking A town and comune of Basilicata, in the province of Potenza.

The only town of the region by the Tyrrhenian Sea For the beauty of its landscapes and of its coastline it has been called the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and for the number of its churches and chapels it has been called also the 44 churches city One of the main characteristics of Maratea is the variety of its landscapes, varying from sea views to wooded hillsides and majestic mountains which sweep down to the sea creating steep cliffs. Gabbiano comes right out of the sea and lies on a cliff over the Mediterranean. 1st Day_ Hiking
2nd Day_ Beach and Swimming Pool
3rd Day_Paddle Boats, CRUISE
4th Day_Museum and exploring
5th Day_Villa Borghese tour
6th Day_Recreation and Touring Trevi Fountain
7th Day_Everything again and lots of FOOD! Day 2: Beach and Swimming Pool 2nd Day: Paddle Boating, CRUISE. Day 3: Museums Villa Borghese in Spring 5th Day: Villa Borghese Day 6: Recreation, and Touring. 7th Day: I would go to the biggest Italian restaurant and eat a whole bunch of Italian food! AND THATS IT! MARATEA ITALY Day 6: The Trevi Fountain
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