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Carolina Admissions Information Session

No description

Yolanda Coleman

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Carolina Admissions Information Session

Welcome to Carolina
Established in 1789 as the nation’s first public university
Campus community is smart, friendly, cosmopolitan, and open-minded
Chapel Hill is vibrant and varied, with excellent art, music, and food
Research Triangle Park is the largest research park in the nation
Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill is home to more than 1.5 million people
Our 18,000 undergraduates come from 50 states and 100 countries
"Take a walk down Franklin Street and feel the buzz of energy around you. Walk past the Old Well and soak in the tradition and history of the campus. Cross the quad and see students studying and relaxing outside. Carolina is a place where everyone can feel at home."

— Michele, junior
Accomplished and Diverse Students
79% ranked in the top 10%
82% enter from North Carolina, but they come from all over the world
31% are students of color
18% are first-generation college
48 Rhodes Scholars
33 Luce Scholars (#1 in the nation)
"Carolina students are a rare breed—full of spirit, constantly striving to improve, and overwhelmingly positive. Each and every student I meet possesses some talent or knowledge that I wouldn't have been able to guess. There is also a tremendous passion for public service that inspires me daily and motivates me to do more."

— Logan, senior
Amazing Opportunities
Honors Carolina (accessible Honors classes)
Entrepreneurial culture
World-class faculty includes a 2007 Nobel Prize winner
3,290 faculty
14:1 student-faculty ratio
300 study abroad programs operating in 70 countries
More than 60% of our undergraduates conduct research
Strong tradition of public service and school pride
700+ student organizations
Small classes:
78% have 40 or fewer students
Only 7% have more than 100 students
"I wanted to get a great international experience, and Kenan-Flagler Business School has an outstanding global network. As a GLOBE Fellow, I spent my junior year studying in Europe and Asia. Thirty of my closest friends are the students in the GLOBE program from Copenhagen Business School and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Without Carolina and Kenan-Flagler, I never would have developed these lasting friendships."

— Alfredo, senior
92% of 2012 graduates were either employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduating
Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Humana, and Target
Nonprofit organizations such as Americorps, Teach for America, and Peace Corps
3rd nationally in placing graduates with Teach For America
8th nationally for alumni volunteering for the Peace Corps
Graduate and professional programs such as medicine, law, business, and political science
Life After Carolina
Building a Class
Understand students as individuals
Evaluate students comprehensively and sympathetically
Value a wide range of qualities, including intellect, curiosity, creativity, leadership, kindness, courage, and diversity
Build a class that fosters excellence for the University and contributes to the betterment of society
"Carolina students have the privilege of being part of an extremely diverse, passionate, and creative student body that is constantly searching for ways to incite positive change and reshape the world. It's inspiring and motivating to set foot on this campus every day with some of the greatest minds of my generation."

— Meghan, senior
Deadlines and Notifications
October 15 for January 30
January 7 for March 30
May 1 for enrollment
February 15 for end of April
May 15 for enrollment
"Applying to Carolina provides you with the chance to become part of the most beautiful community in the world — the Tar Heel family. Carolina offers its students a world-class education not only within the classroom, but also through the multitude of opportunities across the country and world."

— Jagir, senior
Great School, Great Value
#1 for “Best Value” among the nation’s public colleges for the 12th consecutive time (Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, 2012)
Cost of attendance (tuition, fees, room, board, books, and personal expenses):
$22,340 (in-state)
$43,848 (out-of-state)
One-time laptop cost of $1,468
Aid program that meets 100% of demonstrated need for students who meet March 1 deadline
Carolina Covenant
Merit-based scholarships
"I've been able to finance my education through a mix of summer earnings, merit scholarships from the university and the business school, and low-interest loans."

— Raven, senior
Thank you for visiting Carolina
"I love biology, and I want to be a teacher. The UNC-BEST program is one of a few programs in the country that allows you to receive a teaching license in four years, while still majoring in a science."

— Malaika, sophomore
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