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Transmedia & Collaborative Storytelling

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Madison Booth

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Transmedia & Collaborative Storytelling

The Art of World-Making
Synergistic Storytelling
Transmedia & Collaborative Storytelling

Madison Booth Robyn paxman
Sheila Crutcher Carissa Williams

What is a Transmedia story?
- unfolds across multiple media platforms
- each text making a distinctive and valuable contribution to the
whole story
- each one needs to be self-contained
- helps sustain a depth of experience

What is the
World building
Environments that cannot be be fully explored within a single work or medium
Fan speculations and elaborations expand the world in different directions
Different approaches:
Develop world in first installment then allow sequels to unfold stories set within world (X-Men)
Introduce new aspects of world in each installment, so more energy goes into mapping the world than inhabiting it (Alien)
No work will contain every element, but must be recognizably part of same fictional realm

Lead to new narrative forms as audiences seek information beyond individual story
Audience creates contextualizing devices to "grasp the dense psychological and cultural spaces without becoming disoriented."
-Janet Murray, p.116

Stories = basic to human culture
How we structure, share, and make sense of experiences
Expand range of narrative possibility
No longer just beginning, middle, end
Fragmentation in movies so we can make connections on our own time, in our own ways
Minor details might make a huge difference
Transmedia characters usually
More intense, more immediate engagement
Value arises from the process of looking for meaning, and the audience's elaboration
"The Matrix and Transmedia Storytelling" by Henry Jenkins
New Story Structures
"The Matrix is entertainment for the age of media convergence... a narrative so large that it cannot be contained within a single medium." pg. 95
Encyclopedic capacity of digital media
Building a world
Effect of meaning
Co -Creation
Licensing agreements currently do not allow for exploration of the original text often leading to works that are redundant, watered down, or full of contradictions.

"People are going to want to go deeper into stuff they care about rather than sample a lot of stuff..." - p. 106
Companies collaborate to create characters and stories to span over multiply sectors of media.
"The Matrix is also entertainment for the era of collective intelligence" pg. 95
- circuit of expression
- cultural attractor
- cultural activator

When one tells a story in so many different mediums there is a huge Economic gain, beyond just Franchising.
- Jenkins states that some critics thought that the Matrix was not successful as a transmedia story. Why might people think that?
"one might see the Matrix as emblematic of the cult movie in convergence culture" pg. 98
- completely furnished world (fans can quote characters and episodes)
- works must be encyclopedic
- be broken down so that only parts are remembered
- the more different communities it reaches the better

Is the Matrix a good example of a cult movie?
- Allusions to other works (White Rabbit)
- Pop Appeal Elements (martial arts)
- Archetypes (self-discovering hero)
Collaborative Authorship
Wachowski brothers prefered quality over quantity with the help of Warner Bros.
Adding Social media
Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Sought animators and comic book writers with cult following.
Co-creation as a vehicle for expaniding potential global market.
Collaborators they admired as well as distinct artistic forms.
The Animatrix
Sought out Japanese/Asian animators
Relied heavily in the roots of manga
Ideas can be traced back into Japan's "media mix" culture
Media Mix Culture
Strategey disperses content across broadcast media
Portable technologies like cell phones and game boys, collectibles, amusement parks, game arcades.
Dependent on hypersocialbilty and the interatcion among consumers
Was brought to America by Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! but found in other forms of anime/manga.
Wachowski Con't
Did not just liscence or subcontract but instead became heavily involved in their work.
Risked alienating filmgoers for what they thought was the betterment of their work.
Not many find collaborative work as important as they did.
Paul Chadwick
Deja Vu, Let it All Fall Down,, The Miller's Tale
Paul Chadwick
Deja Vu, Let it All Fall Down, The Miller's Tale
Concrete gained him recognition, Wachowskis' saw potentional great collaborator.
Roots of work can be traced back into political committments

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