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Our opening begins with a truth or dare element between four

No description

Ben Foster

on 1 May 2017

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Transcript of Our opening begins with a truth or dare element between four

The plot
Our opening begins with a truth or dare element between four characters- 2 girls and 2 boys. One of the boys is dared to go inside Medway riding school; however after 15 minutes he does not return, leaving his friends curious and worried as to where he is.

Due to the boy not coming back out, his 3 friends venture inside where they then find a phone ringing on the floor (the phone belongs to the missing boy). The 3 characters hesitantly answer the facetime call and an unidentifiable face appears also showing an image of a boy being held hostage. The boy is tied up with tape covering his mouth.

The kidnapper demands cash to be given to him or else a bomb will be detonated which is strapped over the boysO chest.
Possible Locations
One location we are considering is an abandoned riding school nearby. The location is in bad condition due to its age and people who have visited causing damages. Inside it is dark and most of the walls are vandalized with graffiti. This would create suspense as the vandalism shows that the place is desolate and out of use giving it an eary theme. Which would mean no one is around to help in an emergency situation. Furthermore the surroundings of the riding school are open fields which displays that the location is in the middle of nowhere.
Visual Effects
-Use a go-pro-

-Use of shadows-

-Quick,sharp cuts-

-Extreme close ups-

Thriller Opening Plan
Possible Costumes
The clothing that our acting cast will be dressed in will match their age range showing that it is a film opening that is current and recently has been made. In scenes that include violence we think that we could distress the characters clothing to show that they have been hurt and their clothes damaged. This will exaggerate what has happened in that scene as it will fit well with the events that have just occurred.
Key moment of suspense
A key moment of suspense could be when the boys phone is found on the floor and a face time call is ringing from an unknown number.This would build suspense as the boys friends wouldn't know who is on the other end of the phone and would be curious as to whether the unknown person knew where their friend is. Another key moment of suspense that would carry on from this would be when they answer the phone call and the unknown characters face is revealed which leads on to threatening behavior.
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