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kaitlyn k

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Colony Founder: James Ogelthorpe
Settlement: Located between South Carolina and Florida
Religion: Jewish
Reasons for leaving: Debtor Colony

Farmers: Farming was Georgia's main source of food.
Supervisor: James Ogelthorpe served as a type of supervisor, he watched Georgia and reprted to Britain.
Fur Tading: Fur Trading was also a big thing in Georgia. Fur traders would hunt in Georgia then sell their furs in shops and markets
The Peach State

Georgia is peachy keen
By: Kaitlyn Krack
By:Mykaela Wright
Economy and Occupations
Georgia was the only colony of the thirteen that received financial aid by a vote of Parliament -- the only one in the planting of which the British government, as such, took a part. georgia was organized Buffer for Spanish colonies Originally outlawed slavery and restricted size of land grants to 500 acres.
Economy and Occupations
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