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Hanane ElSayed

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Bio-11.2

Chapter 11, lesson 2 Complex patterns of inheritance Complex vs. Basic inheritance 3. Multiple alleles 4. Polygenes Environmental effects Mendel talked about dominant and recessive genes.

Complex inheritance patterns don't follow Mendel's rules. 5. Sex-linked disorders Linked to sex chromosomes
Carried on the X.
Shows on males even if recessive, in females depends on the other allele. 2. Codominance Both alleles express themselves but in separate cells. They don't mix. 1. Incomplete dominance Two alleles both contribute to the phenotype. The result is a combination of the two.

Ex: Flower color A pair of genes, but more than two options for each allele.

Ex: Blood type Two or more pairs of genes control the same trait.

Ex: Skin color, eye color Water and sunlight: Affect plant growth, leaves, roots, color etc.

Temperature: Affects plants and animals (ex: cat fur color).

Lifestyle: Affects showing of diseases (ex: cancer, diabetes and heart problems). 23 pairs of chromosomes in the human body 22 pairs of autosomes + 1 pair of sex chromosomes = Color blindness Hemophilia Patient sees read and green in shades of grey.
Very rare in females. Blood takes a long time to clot.
Very rare in females.
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