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The Remington Centre

Geography Grade 7 Summative

Siyuan Pan

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of The Remington Centre

The Remington Centre The next BIG thing coming to Markham By: Siyuan Pan What is the Remington Centre? The Remington Centre is a new hybrid mall (the first of it's kind in North America) being planned at the intersection of Steeles and Kennedy. It will be 800, 000 square feet in total, and will include a 20 storey condominium/hotel tower. The mall will be built on the site of the Market Village Asian Shopping centre, and will be designed and constructed by the Remington Group. It will include more than 360 retail stores, incorporating small sized shops currently found at Market Village. The remington Centre. Notice the 20 storey Condo/Hotel Building. The centre is meant to be a replacement for the old Market Village Mall, which was a mall designed in the way of Asians. The remington centre though will be almost 600,000 square feet bigger, and also aims to be a much bigger standout in Markham. Purpose of the Remington Centre Market Village. Location Choice The Remington Group (the group that is building the centre) has chosen the location of Steeles and Kennedy Rd. This is the current location of Market Village and Pacific Mall. It will be built on the top right corner of the intersection, as shown below. Location Choice and Goal of centre Issues Choosing the location of steeles and kennedy will have 3 major issues: Traffic, the economy and Pollution. Yes, the mall does have green intentions, but the thing is, it's still really big and wasteful. The economy isn't helping it either, as with all the recent job losses and unstable government thses days. Finally, the mall does nothing and can't really do anything about traffic, which will worsen as the mall is built. The Remington Centre aims to be a much bigger attention grabber and tourist seeker than the Market Village it replaces. At over 800, 000 square feet, the centre is far bigger than not only the Market village it replaces, but also pacific mall. The centre has also set plans so that it will be assigned as a tourist attraction for newcoming tourists on tour buses, and hopes to be much more of a must see. It also has green intentions to it, and tries to be less of an impact to the environment than what is expected of something it's size. The project will cost around $1 billion. The GTA Centre, in relation, is only $325 million, but the Remington centre is forgiven, as it is much bigger. AIM Other Possible Issues The centre will most likely detract off pacific mall's popularity. If this happens, Pacific mall may have to shut down, which may cause complaints from locals. Environment The Remington Centre, despite the fact it is 800, 000 square feet long, actually has plans to be more environmentally friendly than the mall it replaces, and hopes to be good for the environment overall. The centre will include ample bike racks for any bikers that feel like biking over. The place will also have technology that allows geothermal heating and cooling of the mall, using pipes that will be burrowed underground. It will also feature roof extensions that will help shade the building, so it can reduce the amount of A.C that is used. It will also be designed in order to provide the maximum amount of light possible, both according to it's position and interior planning (strategic way to plan where windows are to bring more light). Example:Most amount of light possible used for the Remington Centre. Affects of the Environment The centre may feature technology that is good for the environment, but that also comes with it's drawbacks. The pipes that will contribute to the geothermal warming will be drilled 600 ft underground, meaning it'll most likely pollute the underground during the process of building and installing them. The place will also be used for touring buses and groups. The increases in population will increase the amount of pollution there is as well as increase traffic to what already is a pretty busy area. The addition of the mall will make it more popular, making more cars go over and visit, which, in turn, causes more pollution. And then, of course, there is the sheer size of the mall. 800, 000 square feet. That's almost 4 times the size of the already gigantic Pacific Mall, which is located just nearby it. All the construction and editing to the land around it will probably pollute the environment pretty badly. Movement The area's traffic will consist of mostly of cars (obviously), and if Markham's plan all goes successful, Tour Buses (people movement). The area the Remington Centre will be built already faces traffic from all the visitors hoping to find a parking spot in Pacific Mall. Now, with the addition soon of the Remington Centre, there will be even more traffic from the fact there will be a condo/hotel, which many hope to be able to live in or spend the night in. Plus, there will be many more coming to visit the actual mall. This has the likelihood of slowing the rate of trucks and vans getting their products from one place to another, including products of the Remington Centre itself. The result of all this will cause, obviously, slower people and product movement then before. Also, it has the likelihood of causing complaints to the locals because of the slow traffic patterns. Tour buses may also struggle. Traffic Traffic will be, quite obviously, the major issue here, affecting both people and product movement. The amount of people wanting to visit this new mall will obviously not be a small number, plus, as I mentioned before, the traffic around Pacific Mall is already plentiful, as many come to visit the grand mall. Now, with the addition of the Remington Centre, even more will come to visit the mall, as it is much more advanced than Pacific Mall, with it's larger size and more plentiful stores. All this will not only affect traffic, but also vans and trucks getting products from one place to another. Parking may also pose a problem, as the 3500 parking lots planned will most likely be too few, considering the aim of this mall. Then again, if they used too much space, then it would affect the roadway, and fixing it would cause massive traffic issues. The mall also aims to be much more than just a larger revamped version of Market Village. The Remington Group has made plans with China so that Tour Buses put the Remington centre, once completed, as a stop. By doing this though, they would increase the amount of traffic, with the giant tour bus going into the mall area. Region: Classification Human: Humans built the Remington Centre, as it is currently still under construction. Therefore, it is classified as Human. Formal: The Remington Centre is named the Remington Centre because it will be a centre (well, mall) that will be built by the Remington Group. Therefore, the name of it describes what it is, rather than what it does. Therefore, it is a formal region. The Remington Centre is classified as a Human-Formal Region. Interaction: Locals The centre does not have any community involvement in relation to the mall. If the community have a question, they just simply send one of the emails given on the contact us section and ask your question. The locals will suffer (you guessed it) Traffic issues, and also find it noisy, as the intersection is busy, plus Remington Centre have a night market that opens up to 3, so there will be cars going back and forth pretty late during the night. However, the locals will find it convenient that they are close to one of the most anticipated malls soon being built. This will offer convenience for them to access the mall. But the heavy flow of traffic may hold them back. Interaction: Markham The city will be affected in the same ways basically as the locals, just not in some ways such as the late night noises. But that's not all. The centre does not state anything about community involvement or funding of the project. Therefore, the method of payment for running the mall will almost certainly come from our taxes ($1 billion project funded by man named Bratty). The increase in taxes, if too high, will draw protests from citizens. The centre being built is quite a daring plan, because of the weak economy and job losses recently. This poses a threat. According to a survey, one in every 2 - 3 people in Markham care about the fact that there will be a new mall being built, and only in every 8 of those people know about the actual centre itself. This poses a problem to Markham, as they have such high aims for the centre, and so many people suddenly knowing about the centre, plus the increased taxes during this vulnerable time for the economy, is likely to cause issues and complaints. Also, the people who knew about the centre in the first place are good with it, but also say it's not the best idea (on a scale of 1 - 10, they rate it 6, sort of i'm good with it, but it doesn't excite me that much). However, they do say they will come visit it, and are not concerned with taxes. But that might not apply to many others... Besides this, much of the community would enjoy the various attractions at the mall, such as a stage with various presentations and events, a swimming pool that will act as a skating rink in winter, as well as 5 different themed courts, each with distinct personality. But the economy factor is debatable... Interaction: Environment The Remington centre itself has good intentions. As I mentioned before, it has geothermal cooling, and also tries to avoid using energy as much as possible. The hybrid mall has even worked with Markham's green development guidelines and been planned so that it's skillfully positioned near a GO Station and a transit terminal, as well as enough parking underground and overground. But despite this, the centre does have a bad side to the environment. The centre (and yes, I have mentioned this before, but still) is huge. Massive. Despite all the good intentions, the sheer size of the mall will quite obviously affect the environment, both during the construction of the structure plus the actual usage (using lots of water and electricity to power mechanics). Also, building the geothermal heating will require digging pipes 600 feet deep into the ground. This is likely to pollute the ground and possibly groundwater, which may spread and affect other areas. The traffic increase will also affect the environment. The sudden increase will increase the amount of pollution (I estimate) quite significantly. This, combined with the size and the ground pipes, will impact the environment in a significant way. Despite all this though, I feel that Remington have tried their best and the result will be much more energy saving than most people will expect. Conclusion The Aim of the Remington Centre is to be a much bigger standout than any other mall, or in this case, any other structure that has been known in Markham. It aims to give Markham character and a place to be known for. But have they succeeded? Well, the Remington Group has tried, and the effort is obvious in their website (http://www.remingtoncentre.ca). However, they have not made as big as an impact as they might've hoped. As according to our survey, only 1 in every 16 - 17
people in Markham think that the centre is a good idea. That's probably not as high as they've hoped. However, the people who did know about it say they don't mind it being built and that they'll probably visit it. On a scale of 1 - 10 though, the average was about a 6 (midway, it's a good idea, but probably not the most exciting) Unsuccessful? I would say no. Remington Group inc. has done well in their latest aim and creation, and though it might not be so famed and trigger as excitement as they thought, I suspect many people will come to appreciate it for what it is and all the innovative technology used in it to not pollute. There's only so much you can do with an 800, 000 square feet building that's a hybrid between a condo/hotel and an Asian Mall, but Remington has done well and come a long way. It all comes down though to how the economy will last and how much effort they will put in and continue to put in. Well, it might seem debatable. On one hand, it will raise our taxes, has no community involvement, and is very massive, clogging our traffic. Plus the weak economy may pose unstable. On the other hand though, it is a well thought-out design and it tries to be as green as possible. It has plenty of spirit, and considering the goal, they've progressed along nicely. Verdict Pros Cons Innovative Design Green intentions Well thought and Planned out Will the economy last? Massive size (but impressive green intentions) How will the community react? Considering all the uinvolvements Overall VERDICT Likely to remain a successful project, but considering the economy, will it last for long? These 3 problems will be explained more throughout the analysis. The size of Pacific Mall is about 250, 000 square feet. At 800, 000 sq feet, the Remington Centre will be significantly more massive. Solutions The Remington Group could've chosen a different area for the building. This essentially solves many of the centre's original problems. First of all, being in a different place minimizes the amount of pollution there is. Even though the geothermal cooling will still pollute the ground, moving it further from pacific mall would minimize the amount of pollution that gathers from both the buildings. Moving it to a different place will also minimize traffic, as not so many cars will get stuck trying to enter the 2 malls at the same time. Then again, there is no other place in that intersection where the mall can be built, as those areas all have more stores within them. Another way: Try limiting the size of the whole mall. I get the point of the hybrid system, but i don't think it's necessary to make it 800,000 sq ft. Possibly aim for 100, 000 sq feet less at least to minimize the amount of mall there is and the pollution that comes with it. Making it smaller will also reduce the budget of the mall, and also the amount of taxes we pay to "run" it. In terms of people attention, Remington has tried their best with it, and besides all the signs and website advertisements, I don't really see how they can make it more of a standout. Posters and Billboards possibly, but I don't believe many will bother to read it or to take notice of it. There's only so much you can do for a hybrid mall, and Remington has done their best. Bibliography Websites (Non news articles) www.buzzbuzzhome.com/the-remington-centre www.remingtongroupinc.com/retail-commercial/retail-commercial/d496348d-e874-d4d4-192e-136f63ffalob/Remington-Centre www.remingtoncentre.ca webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:teYHl8GEZ6MJ:www.remingtoncentre.ca/pdf/newsletter_201108_en.pdf+&hl=en&gl=ca Websites (News Articles) www.thestar.com/buisness/article/653446-a-huge-gamble-on-markham-asian-mall Also, special thanks to 37 families of the Boxwood community for taking the time to answer our survey.
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