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Untitled Prezi

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Juanita Otaño

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

the poem "the cockroach"talks about our life and explains it through a cokroach's movements.The cockroach starts walking firm and confident,but as time passes, it gets more difficult for the insect to walk.By the end of the poem, the cockroach starts walking in circles "But he soon turned to jog in crooked rings.", he is uncertaing where to go.

This poem is an extended metaphor, since the writer uses the cockroach to explain the cycle of life. When you are young, you are stong and full of energy but as time passes, you get weaker and somethings get more difficult to do in comparison of when you were younger.
The cockroach.
by Kevin Halligan "As if the victim of a mild attack" is a similie of how the cockroach felt when he was uncerteined where to go. Analisis. TONE
the tone of this poem is reflective

The theme is "The cycle of life"
Similies. figurative forms The writer confuses us in the end.This is
then we realize that the "Cockroach" that
he was describing was actually reffering
to himself, reflecting his life experiences "
except I thought I recognized myself". Kevin Halligan reflects upon the value of
life and the many challenges we face
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