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Niveda Jeya

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Robyn and Niveda
The Dangers
sometimes called "Marianas Trench"
deepest part of the world's ocean
Fun Facts
The Mariana Trench
The Environment
deepest location of the earth
deepest trench in the world
about 36,070 feet deep
69km wide
located in the Pacific ocean near Japan
-western Pacific east of the Philippines
crescent shaped scar
- east of the 14 Mariana Islands
FACT: The trench got its name from the Marina Islands
Living Species
pressure: 15,750 psi
surface: 37 C
bottom: 2 C
no oxygen
no sunlight
Football Fish:
This creature lures its food by its glow ball.
surrounded by hydrothermal vents
- can turn the water to 700 C
"DEEPSEA Challenger" at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.
Bacterias are combined together to make that glowing ball
Viper Fish:
Football fishes are the size of a football
There is only a few left
They only live in dark,open spaces
Viper fish has teeth that can't close full way
Keeps mouth open all day/night
It has small glow ball
(like a foot ball fish)
This glow ball goes on/off
Football fishes are vertebrate
The glow ball naturally comes with the fish
Viper fish has a spine
It takes lots of pictures
It needs lots of battery to work
It has auto-pilot and it works with a pilot too
9 hours to be alone
deeper than Everest is tall
part of world's oldest seabed
- about 180mil yrs. old
18 types of football fish
female football fishes are bigger than the male
Viper Fish also called " Fang Fish"
Google and Google Images
Thank you for watching! Hope you loved it!
- Niveda and Robyn
James Cameron went below and up
- by self
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