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2015 ISAGA_Knowledge Brokers in Action

Winner of The Best Presentation at 46 ISAGA Conference, Kyoto, 18 of July 2015

Karol Olejniczak

on 7 November 2015

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Transcript of 2015 ISAGA_Knowledge Brokers in Action

Knowledge brokers in action
The Challenge
Empirical base
and next steps
Karol Olejniczak: EUROREG - University of Warsaw, k.olejniczak@uw.edu.pl
Tomasz Kupiec: EGO s.c., www.evaluation.pl
Igor Widawski: Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych, www.pracowniagier.com
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1. step by step, using the arrow to scroll
2. pointing your cursor to the part of the presentation you want to see
Information overload
Gap between practitioners
and researchers
Production of studies
does not match their use
Olejniczak, K., Kupiec, T. & Raimondo, E. (2014). Evaluation Units as Knowledge Brokers: testing and calibrating an innovative framework. Proceedings from European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference, Dublin
Game application
A game-based approach for strengthening evidence-based policies
Source: kmlmtz66, iStock_000056435856
Source: kmlmtz66, iStock_000058088184
Source: kmlmtz66, iStock_000059751008
Source: kmlmtz66, iStock_000045572702
Source: kmlmtz66, iStock_000046672996
Source: Jagoda Gandziarowska-Ziołecka
Source: EGO s.c. and PGS sp. z o.o.
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