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Inventor/Inventions Scavenger Hunt

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on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Inventor/Inventions Scavenger Hunt

Question 1 and 2 1. What "invention did Vannevar Bush write about in his 1945 essay?
He wrote about his invention of the first computer (called memex) used to solve major mathematical equations not easily solved by humans.
2. Who invented the frisbee and how did it get its name?
Walter Frederick Morrison invented it. The frisbee got its name from when some college students in the Frisbie Pie Co. when they
throwing pies back and forth like a
frisbee. The "Pluto Platter"
adopted this name. Question 3 3. a) Did Ben Franklin "invent" electricity?
b) What were his contributions to the study of electricity?
a) He wasn't the first to discover electricity.
b) His work showed us how to make a lightning rod and how it can help dealing with ways to prevent damage from lightning by directing the lightning towards the rod versus a building. Question 4 4. Which inventor was often named "Lady Edison," and which invention gave her her first patent?
Her name was Beulah Louise Henry and her invention that gave her her first patent was called the vacuum-sealed ice cream freezer. Question 5 and 6 5. Who invented the microphone and what was his invention's connection to Bell Telephone Company?
He was Emile Berliner, and his invention was noticed by the Bell Telephone Company that they bought his invention from him for a large amount of money.
6. How was the way that Leonardo da Vinci looked at machines different from the way most artists and craftsmen of his time looked at them?
Artists and craftsmen at the time knew how to build and repair familiar machines, but Leonardo actually made new machines and modified existing machines. This is what
others didn't do. Question 7 7. What are three of the nine questions you would ask yourself whether your invention is worth patenting?
1)Does your invention offer a unique and better solution to a real problem?*
2)Can it be easily manufactured or integrated into an existing product?*
3)Is there a market for the product? (How big is the market?)*
*=Taken word for word from the actual article. Question 8 8. Which architectural and engineering innovations most influenced the development of the skyscraper?
Elevators and the invention of steel. Question 9 9. Who was the inventor of the first television. and how was that first TV different than the one in our homes?
John Baird, and the first was different because it required moving parts to make the image on the screen and was monochrome ("black and white"). Final Question 10. Thomas Edison is often called the "Wizard of Menlo Park." Of what importance was Menlo Park to Edison's life?
Edison purchased the area of Menlo Park to do his experiments. In his lab there, he made his famous invention named the phonograph, which used a human's voice into a machine that write's it down using impressions on paper wrapped around wood. This invention earned
him the title.
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