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CE.2a Fundamental Principles of Gov.

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Rhapsody Barbrow

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of CE.2a Fundamental Principles of Gov.

Fundamental Principles of Government
The Fundamental political principles define and shape the American constitutional government
The U.S. government was founded on 5 principles.
What are these 5 principles?
#1 Consent of the Governed
The people are the source of any and all governmental power.

The government can only rule with the permission (consent) of the people. This consent is given by voting for elected officials.
# 2 Limited Government
The Government is not all-powerful and can only do those things that the people allow it to do.

The Bill of Rights puts limits on what the government is allowed to do. The idea of Limited Government can be traced in English history back to the Magna Carta, when the nobles first restricted the power of the king in 1215.
When the Founding Fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution they recognized the need to express that the government’s powers were limited. Government leaders could not abuse their powers; they were not above the law. This was an important step in ensuring that the citizens’ liberties were protected.
# 3 Rule of Law
Everyone MUST obey the law. This includes the people and elected officials

# 4 Democracy
In a democratic system of government, the people rule.

".....That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
- Abraham Lincoln
# 5 Representative Government
In a representative system of government, the people elect public officeholders to make laws and conduct government on the people's behalf.

Citizens discuss the purpose of government
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