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Invisible Man Chapters 12-15

No description

Robert Piacenti

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Invisible Man Chapters 12-15

Discussion Questions Chapters 12-15
1. Does the narrator attract much attention when he faints in the street?

2. What is the rhetorical purpose of the “spoiled-cream” complexions of the women that the narrator sees as he careens out of the subway?

3. How does Mary know that the narrator had been in a hospital

4. What does the narrator say when Mary asks him what he plans to make of himself?

5. What does Mary say the narrator should not do?

6. What impression does the narrator get when he goes back to the Men’s House?
Chapter 12
1. What is the crowd doing at the eviction?

2. Of the items the narrator describes coming out of a drawer, which is the oldest and most important? Why do you think the narrator believes this one to be the most important?

3. Why does the old woman want to go back into her home for the last time?

4. What does the narrator first say that the people must do? Why do you think the narrator thinks this?

5. Does the crowd withhold its violence, as the narrator urges them to do? Why/Why not?

Chapter 13
1. What changes the narrator’s mind about calling Brother Jack?

2. How does the narrator describe the apartment where he meets the other Brotherhood members, including Emma?

3. What drink does the narrator ask for? Why?

4. What does Emma say that offends the narrator?

5. With what was Brother Jack so impressed?
Chapter 14
1. What are Mary’s feelings about the pipe banging?

2. When Mary assumes that the narrator wants to apologize about unpaid rent, what does she say about it?

3. Where does Mary assume that the narrator got the money he gives her?

4. For what TWO reasons does the man bring the narrator his package?
Chapter 15
A Project by:
Robert Piacenti
Delia Khayat
Ashley Reid
Colin Gil
Houston Clark


Mary Rambo

Brother Jack

The Band
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 15
Chapter 14
The narrator faints in the street, then Mary Rambo and Ralston Jackson help the invisible man to Mary’s house to rest (252-253).

How did Mary comfort the narrator after he fainted?
The narrator makes a public speech explaining that there shouldn't be any violence with the police officers and the old couple because "we are all law-abiding people" (275-279).

How did the narrator attempt to help the old couple?
The band stops playing and they all ask the narrator to sing a "negro spiritual" with them, then an argument ensues between the band and Brother Jack (311-313).

What do you think made the band reach out to the narrator?
A man tries to return the package of broken pieces of iron back to the narrator and accuses him of plotting some evil scheme (329-331).

Why did the guy believe that the narrator was plotting something1?
“This morning you answered the people’s appeal and we want you to be the true interpreter of the people. You shall be the new Booker T. Washington, but even greater than he” (305).
“Other than Mary I had no friends and desired none. Nor did I think of Mary as a 'friend'; she was something more -a force, a stable, familiar force like something out of my past which kept me from whirling off into some unknown which I dared not face" (258).
“Brother Jack didn’t sound surprised upon receiving my call. Annoyed both by his lack of surprise and by the short, clipped manner in which he’d spoken, …” (298)

“'The brother does not sing!' Brother Jack roared staccato. 'Nonsense, all colored people sing'” (312).
Here is your SME
Equality is a topic that to this day is being discussed. Write about a time when you felt unequal due to your gender, race, position of power, etc.
Equality is arguably non-existent due to gender, race, and position of power because they limit the lives of humans.
8. Would you have taken the same actions that the narrator took while the old couple was being evicted from their homes?

7. What attributes did the narrator give to the woman that apologized for the drunken musicians behavior?

6. How does the source of the pipe-banging noise and why does it disgust him?

2. Why do you think the narrator didn't want to attract much attention when he fainted?

4. Why do you think Mary is so kind to the narrator, giving him a place to stay and not worrying about rent? Do you think she’s been in this situation herself?

3. What does Mary mean when she tells the narrator not to “let Harlem git you” or “don’t git corrupted”?

9. Do you believe that the narrator could become the next Booker T. Washington? Why?

10. Why do you believe he felt freedom when he ate the yam?

5. Why do you believe that Brother Jack is not surprised when he received the call from the narrator?

1. What kind of role does Mary play in the Narrators life? What elements characterize Mary behavior towards the Narrator?

Explain the change of self-identity that the Narrator has gone through?

Does Mary Rambo's name suggest anything about her personality?

What does Brother Jacks hair color represent?
What characteristics of the band show that they embrace their culture?

The Coin Bank
Baked Car'lina Yam's
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