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Paul Robeson

No description

Cesar Concepcion III

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson An Actor, Singer, and Civil Rights Activist By
Cesar Concepcion
Gavin Jerue
Justin Cruz The Youthful Years -Born on April 9, 1898 in Princeton, New Jersey
-As a child, he love to act and sing
-In 1915, Won a four-year academic scholarship to Rutgers University.
-Won 15 varsity letters in sports including baseball, basketball, football and track
-Went to Columbia Law School where he studied law and met his wife
-When he got into a law firm he face racism which then he left law for
acting and music. Acting in the UK !!Quiz Time!! 1. How about many languages does Paul Robeson knows?

2. What University did he go to?

3. What Shakepearian play is role in for the main character ?

4. Why did he like the Soviet Union?

5. What was his age when he died? -Played Othello in London in 1930
-Had a problem in pronouncing some words
-His bass voice was
perfect for the part
-His Desdemona was
Peggy Ashcroft in for
the 1930 showing in
London. Back in America -In 1943, Play Othello in New York
- Was the first African American Actor in an American Theatre
- Also starred the play in Show Boat, and 11 movies including Jericho,
The Emperor Jones, and Proud Valley
-He was one of the top performers of his time, earning more money than many white entertainers <- Here's him on the news about being in Othello Singing and Preaching Around the World -Had concerts in Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Moscow, New York, and Nairobi.
-These travels made him notice the human suffering and oppressions in the world
-"The artist must elect to fight for freedom or slavery. I have made my choice," he said; this was his philosophy
-This drove him to Spain during the Civil war, to Africa to promote self-determination, to India to aid in the independence movement, to London to fight for labor rights, and to the Soviet Union to promote anti-fascism
-He felt people were treated more equal in the Soviet Union, than his own country, which lead to problems when he return to the USA Back in America Part 2 -In his 1949 concert at Peekskill, New York he faced rioters of anti-communism
- In 1950 the State Department revoked his passport, thus losing his right to travel and earn money abroad
-For eight years Paul battled to get his passport back
-During those years, he had talked to Albert Einstein about world peace and sang at Carnegie Hall
- As well as studied several languages (knowing 25 different languages by the end of his life)
-In 1958 the U.S. Supreme Court finally agreed, ruling that the State Department could not deny any citizens passport because of their political beliefs or affiliations.
-Paul Robeson also wrote his autobiography called
Here I Stand that same year Last Years -In 1960, Robeson made his last concert tour to New Zealand and Australia.
-In 1963, Robeson retired from his public life due to ill health
-In 1965, His wife dies at age 70 and beginning his depression
-He suffered a series of breakdowns that left him withdrawn and dependent on psychotropic drugs and tried to commit suicide twice
-He retired to Philadelphia and lived in self-imposed seclusion virtually unheard from during the period until his death in January 23,1976 at age 77 !!Videos to watch!! 1. Ol'Man River
2. Chinese National Anthem (Part)
3. USSR National Anthem (ENG)
4. "Othello" recorded
5. The Emperor Jones Movie
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