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Characters of The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones

Five of the characters in the book will be described and shown.

Bruce Cox

on 29 August 2011

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Transcript of Characters of The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones

The 39 Clues: Maze of Bones

BY: Rick Riordan Amy Cahill Amy is the 14-year old sister of Dan Cahill. She is an orphan that has to stay with her mean aunt that treats her and her brother like slaves. Amy doesn't like crowds and would prefer to just curl up in a corner and read a book. Actually, if she could, she would read all the time.
Even though she thinks she has the most annoying brother she still feels she wouldn't be able to finish the search without him. Dan Cahill Dan is the 11-year old brother of Amy Cahill. Like his sister, he is also an orphan. He loves to collect grave stone rubbings, baseball cards, and anything else out of the ordinary. His personality is the opposite of his sister; he hates to read and is much more outgoing. For instance, in the book, during the escape from the Lucian headquarters, Dan jumps out of a window onto an awning below without hesitation while his sister was quite reluctant about doing the same.
Dan is also interested in computers; using them to research information for his hunt.
He thinks his sister is super annoying too, but would agree that he wouldn't be able to finish the search without her. Jonah Wizard Jonah Wizard is a world famous "gangster" pop star. According to Dan and Amy, his cousins, he's really not all he's made out to be by everyone else.
In the book he tries to get Amy and Dan to to be his partners in the search for the 39 Clues, but they refuse. Unlike the Cahill kids he is not an orphan, he's actually a rich kid.
Most people that he meets think, "what a nice young man". But he still has a mean streak. Jonah can be self-centered, and rude when he is not on camera. The Holt Kids project By: B. Cox Alistair Oh 8/12/11 The Holt kids might look all muscle and no brain, but when it comes to knocking out their competitors to retrieve the clues they are brilliant.
Even though they don't always get along with each other; they're mean, they're strong, and they'll do anything to finish first, even kill. They almost left Amy and Dan to be buried in cement.
These kids never mess around in a good fight and show no mercy. He is an older man who tries to get Amy and Dan to call him Uncle Alistair. Even though he saved them in the maze of bones, you can never tell when he can be trusted. Amy and Dan figured this out the hard way when he ran away with the book they found in their grandmother's mansion that contained vital information for the next clue.
Alistair tries to impress people by telling them he invented the microwavable Burrito.
Overall he is helpful in certain situations, but, again, not trustworthy, and pretty sly.
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