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"The River" by Gary Paulsen

No description

Harley Naugle

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of "The River" by Gary Paulsen

"The River" by Gary Paulsen
"The River" by Gary Paulsen is about a young man named Brian Robeson who 2 years ago survived a plane crash in the woods with only a hatchet. Now the goverment wants him to do the impossible again . He is asked by a gentleman named Derek Holtzer,who works for the goverment. He decides to do it,because it will be made into a class for people on survival skills and techniques. Once they get there they build a shelter and gather food. That night a big storm comes and Derek is struck by lighting. Derek is unconscious;Brian is left with responsibility of not just keeping himself alive,but Derek alive.Can Brian take on an even harder challenge?

The main characters in my book are Brian Robeson, and Derek Holtzer . Brian a 16 year old boy, who 2years ago survived a plane crash along with surviving 3 months in the woods with only a hatchet. Derek Holtzer is an agent for the government, and was asked to get Brian to see if he would be willing to go back, and do it again for educational purposes. Brian is very smart, crafty, conservative, and most of all brave. Derek is a very good listener.He wants Brian to tell him in great detail why he does what he does while surviving.

The setting of my book is in the woods near a river. The setting is crucial to the book. The woods created very many character vs. nature conflicts,along with character vs. self conflicts, because of all the responsibility they had being only two people left too survive the woods. It takes place in night, day, and morning .
Favorite Part
My favorite part is when Brian tells Derek he does not need any of the supplies, because he trusts himself to survive without them, which would make the class more helpful.There was food, supplies, and a radio.I liked this part, because it goes to prove Brian's bravery, because in my opinion that is Brian's most important character trait to the story. Later in the story you will find out that those supplies would have been a game changer.

The theme of this book is without a doubt survival. Throughout the entire story, Brian is struggling for his own life, and Derek's. Surviving in the woods has been the objective the whole time. Do whatever it takes!
Point of View
The point of view in this book is 3rd person. It says he, his, and had. You are being told Brian s story by a narrator it is being told in great detail.
I would recommend this book to many types of readers. If you like non fiction you will still like this book even though its not real.The story in this novel really could happen. On the other hand if you like books like "The Hunger Games" you will love this book, because it has the same theme, survival . This book is so descriptive that when you visualize it you feel like you're really there.
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