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Sales Psychology

No description

Nicole McQuade

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Sales Psychology

Customer Service
A successful salesperson knows they have to provide quality customer service with every customer.

Whether or not a customer buys a product that day, they will remember your customer service
Social and Adapting
Will often greet you, engaging readily in personal conversation
Smile a lot
Looks around, stopping at the most unique and newest items
Rarely expresses objections
Wants your opinion, uses “you” a lot
In a rush
Will go directly to what they want
Will make a decision quickly and bring the item to cash
Conversation will be brief, product relevant
Very direct, almost may seem rude
Uses “I” and “my” a lot
You do not need a psychology degree to understand your guests
There are 4 basic personality types
Which one are you?
Usually look around first, taking their time
Will read fine print
Doesn’t seem to need help
Questions fact based, product related
May want to “think about it”
Uses “it” a lot
Supportive & Giving
May look around, a browser
Somewhat tentative
Will ask about quality
Will share why they want the item
Will share concerns: “I've heard” or “they say”
Uses “we” a lot
What is the effect on customers?
How can we use these techniques at the…
Gift shop
What techniques do your prefer when you are shopping?
What techniques fit with the different personality types?
Which ones will not work?
What techniques to you use now ?
Selling Techniques & Personality Types
What happens when a
social and adapting
sales person meets a
controlling and taking customer
How to be successful:
Learn how to read customers
Tailor your approach to their personality
Know your products
Selling a product or service is not convincing someone to buy something they do not want or need.
It is about providing a service or product the client wants or needs.

A successful salesperson knows they have to provide quality customer service with every customer

Whether or not a customer buys a product/service that day, they will remember the experience
Knowing and understanding our Guests
What does that mean for a sales person?
Blue: Supportive & Giving
Concerned about finding the right product for customers
Try to make customers feel important and let them take direction of the sale
Don’t like to push customers to close the sal
Orange: Conserving - Holding
Want to give the customer as much product and sales info as possible to help them decide
Feel most comfortable selling products you know
Understanding when customers don’t want to buy immediately
Gold: Social & Adapting
Use charm and wit to win over customers
Enjoy schmoozing and building relationships
Like to share latest trends
Will do whatever it takes to keep customers happy
Green: Controlling - Taking
Take pleasure in being in control of the sale
Like customers to make up their minds quickly
Are quick to close the sale
"Just Do It": action oriented
Quick-witted, charming, & spontaneous
Injects fun into work
Lives in here & now, risk taker
Multi-tasker, cheerful & energetic
Quick thinking and acting
Accepts challenges & enjoys problem solving
Respects authority rules & policies
Dependable, prepared, & efficient.
Work comes before play
Practical, systematic & orderly
Strives for a sense of security
Thorough, sensible, conventional
Stable, organized, punctual, helpful
Looks forward and sees impact of actions taken now
Explores all facets before deciding
Careful planner.
Enlivened by work
Status quo buster.
Logical, theoretical, & self-sufficient
Persistent & thorough
Intellectual & inquisitive
Sensitive to needs of others
Sincere: expresses appreciation
Caring, team builder & team player
People person
Inclusive, mediator, & peacemaker
Idealistic, intuitive, romantic, loyal
Seeks unity & harmony
Three Types of Sales Techniques
Sales techniques can help you become more comfortable selling to guests
The customer is persuaded to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons.
The practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer.
Value Added
A sales technique that builds on the natural value of a product or service.
Teaching the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to
increase guest
Defining sales & customer service
Types of customers
Types of Sales people
Sales Techniques
Selling techniques and personality types
Customer Service
Roadblocks often stop us from completing our goals
Reasons why someone is ineffective at selling:
Do not know how to sell
Trying not to be 'too pushy'
They are uncomfortable
Do not know how to approach strangers
How do we overcome roadblocks?
Understand how to use selling techniques
Study our guests and learn what they want
Learn about our products
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