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8.07 Invisible Warfare

No description

jessica faddoul

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of 8.07 Invisible Warfare

Jessica Faddoul
8.07 Invisible Warfare
How is terrorism different from other forms of warfare? Be sure to provide examples of economic, physical, political, or psychological impacts of terrorism in the world.

How have the United States and the rest of the world responded to terrorism?
Terrorism is a very different form of warfare. Warfare is an engagement in or the activities involved in war or conflict. Typically an act of war going to happen is known by both countries. An act of terrorism is all by surprise. Terrorism takes warfare to a whole new level. Terrorism effects the world physically because it could kill a huge number of people like what happened in 9/11. Terrorism can also effect the country economically and politically because it shows that the country is weak on protecting us and letting an act of terrorism occur. Thus running the people of the country out of the country. It effects the world because an act of terrorism comes by surprise. This makes the world think their next. This mentally damages people because no one feels safe where they are. The United States has responded to terrorism by capturing the man who caused the 9/11 attack and killing him. We have also responded by making it harder for people to come into our country. Airports are more strict now on what can be taken on and off the plane. The rest of the world has responded to terrorism by protecting their country more and closing off to the world. Also by making their military services more strong and creating more protection for their country in case of a surprise attack.
i have selected these images for a certain reason. The american flag just simply represents american. How in the past we have united as a nation to help others and how we could once do it again. i used the date because its a date that is remembered and should be remembered. The people saving a mans life is a important picture because it shows that not only the firefighters were risking their life for others in need but everyone else was willing to help. People of all services were helping to save others. The day of the attack photo is important because it shows what it looked like for the center of a famous city to be going down and how such a small portion of this state went down but it became one of the most important days in our country. Last i use the memorial picture because all is not forgotten. Although the lives will never be brought back they are very valued and engraved into this memorial area.
the american flag
the date
what is now there
the day of the attack
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