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My project to change the world

European Class Homework - 8th grade

Marianne Trung

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of My project to change the world

By Marianne.
My idea to change the world
The functioning of a photovoltaic panel
Each year, we use a lot of resources of our planet.
One day, there will be more.
So, to save our planet, we must save much energy for future generations.
My project is to develop the photovoltaic panels.
Protect our planet !!!
What are they and how it works?
It was Alexandre Edmond Becquerel who found the principle of conversion of light into electricity in 1839.
But until the second World War , the phenomenon remained a mystery lab.
Later, in 1954, three American researchers developed a photovoltaic cell to power satellites.
Since, photovoltaic panels are much developed.
What is their history ?
My project is to expand photovoltaic panels to save our money and the resources for our planet.
For this, buildings should be built with a system of photovoltaic panels.
My project
...Just imagine...
Photovoltaic panels could be aesthetics...
Make the right choice !
Save our planet while we have time !!!
Customized them...
...Selected there colors...
...With your choice...
...You can change the world.
Thank you for watching this prezi!!
And never forget that the earth is the center of life.
Photovoltaic panels can be installed on mobile phones, mp3 players ...
In short, everything that works with electricity...
It's practical, isn't it?
Why wait?
Act !!!
As there will be a minimum of light, your device will always work
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