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05.05 Should Free Trade Be a Goal

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Tyler Brown

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of 05.05 Should Free Trade Be a Goal

: 05.05 Should Free Trade Be a Goal-Honors
What industries or companies may have an interest in outsourcing to your countries of research?
- Capgemini, a French IT company has branched out to many different countries over the years
-Sodexo (also a French company), a global food service industry, expanded to countries such as the United States, Africa, and other countries.
-Computer Science Corporation stated in the United States and has expanded to nations around the globe.
-Intercomp, a Russian company, began outsourcing several years ago, and is now Russia's number one outsourcing company.
What barriers to trade would prevent an American company outsourcing to one of those countries?
A common barrier to trade are government subsides to a particular industry, in order to create a cheaper production rate of that product in the American economy, rather than shipping the industry to a foreign country. Along with subsides, there are possible tariffs that would allow foreign countries to tax imports to the outsourcing country, as well as tax the exports coming from the outsourcing countries back into America.
Do you think outsourcing would promote or hinder a healthy American economy? Explain.
Outsourcing can be both advantageous, and rather disadvantageous, depending on the perspective one views in from. Outsourcing is beneficial in that it allows are goods and services to be produced in a more cost effective manner, lowering the overall prices back home. But in doing so it also takes jobs away from the American people, causing the unemployment rate to rise steadily. So there are both pros and cons to outsourcing, and if one thinks its a viable option for their cooperation, they'd just have to try and balance the cost benefits and the lose of jobs (perhaps the best way would be to have half the business here in the states, and half in a foreign country).
Why are some people against outsourcing? Why do others support it?
Many people are against outsourcing, simply because it it leads to unemployment increasing in America, yet allows foreign country's residents to easily obtain jobs. Outsourcing is usually done by large companies, mostly because it is cheaper to to get the job done in another country than it is to have it done here, due to the fact that workers in America are often payed more for the same task than workers in foreign countries, like India.

On the contrary, many corporations believe that in the long run, outsourcing can benefit the American economy. That by outsourcing to non-developed or developing countries, we enable them to improve their economies. That by exporting products and services to be made in foreign countries we are lowering the prices of those products for the American people, and at the same time helping foreign nations.
By: Tyler Brown





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