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The Red Pyramid

A Book Trailer

Jack U

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of The Red Pyramid

Carter is a boy who has traveled the world with his father who studies Egypt... ...soon that stops... ...Carter isn't alone. He has a sister named Sadie and they meet only once a year... ... ...when they go to the British museum and their dad gets trapped, they notice a lot more about their family. Amos, their dad's brother, takes them to the house of life and they discover something BIG... ...their family is a part of Egypt They notice that an evil warrior named
Set is going to build a Red Pyramid and they need to stop him!!! Will Sadie and Carter stop Set? and most importantly, will they save their dad? and the biggest thing, save America?! Look for more books in the series like: and But another threat has come All the magicians have gone against them as well... Will they survive the magicians on their tail? Their leader is a
Desgardens CREDITS: Images from google images

song from You Tube

presentation by ME!!!
also some help from my friends thank you for watching
my prezi Read the book and you will find OUT! 2nd 3rd and a special thanks to Prezi The
-the first of three books By: Jack Urusky
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