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HHM Diet

No description

Janujan Gathieswaran

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of HHM Diet

This isn’t your “extra”-ordinary diet
What's the missing puzzle piece?
Burning of calories
Lose weight
Gain weight
If metabolic rate is
Do you lose weight?
Peter Michael Miller
-approach is unique
-metabolism unlocking weight control puzzle
-loss of weight
What is metabolism?
-mitochondria of a cell
-chemical processes that occur to maintain life
-it's like a furnace
By: Jonathan and Janujan
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
1 . Very little hunger
2 . A ton of energy
3 . A control of body and mind
Breakfast ;

whole grain English muffin with low-sugar jam/jelly

3/4 skim milk with a banana, also

Coffee or tea with a
A Daily Metabolic Meal
Well, an
Example of

Lunch ;

1 tuna sandwich (with tomato and lettuce slices, tuna salad and whole wheat bread

6 raw baby carrot sticks

Choice of low-calories beverages like water or fruit juice
Something for a snack;
1 apple
Pasta with tomato sauce

A dinner salad (With celery, tomato, cucumbers and 1tbsp of a choice of salad dressing

Low-calories drink
A good night snack;
4 cups of air-popped popcorn
discerning butter and salt
This, well doesn't help at all with the Hilton Head Metabolism Diet
Pepperoni Pizza
The Goods

and Bads

(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
-Weight maintenance for future
- Doesn't restrict from a lot of foods (e.g. chocolate or burgers etc.)

-The extra calories you can have
on weekends helps you to be more active

-Since you have calorie variety intakes, you won't get food depriviation

-Per meal you gain 20% metabolism

-Tunes up metabolic engine

-Advise for insecure individuals
-Many do not understand the
relationship between metab-
olism and obesity

-Not all people will have the
same results as they may th-

-Metabolism in weight regulation is controversial

-Some had trouble not gaining weight again, but this diet should do the trick
One More Thing
Diets, like clothes, should be tailored to you.
-Joan Rivers
-Change input
-Change of Body Chemistry
Reduced Energy
What does it do?
-respond to changes
-monitor itself
In a nutshell it's...
energy burnt for body functions
If metabolic rate is
Glucose is made from CO2, and light
5 meals+exercise...
Increase metabolism
Miller Believes...
Decrease in weight
Increase metabolism
Decrease in weight
How does it work?
Increased Metabolic Rate
Weight Loss
1 week
8 weeks
6 weeks
8 Week Phase
Weight Loss Stage
Weight Maintenance
1000 calories/day
200-250 more during weekends
allowance based on needs
HHM Diet
Calorie Expenditure
High M.R=High Calorie Usuage
Car needs fuel to burn
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