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California institution of

No description

malachi grier

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of California institution of

But why?
What are the types of Animators?
Animation is tremedously resilient, as art always recovers. There's always cycles of good art
Why be a Animator?
Being a animator is a very fun job. Animators create and edit different tv shows and animes. When you are a animator most of the time you can choose your work hours (if your the person making the animation). There are different types of animators and different ways to animate. The type of animator I would like to be is a "Anime" animator. Anime is not your conventional type of animation in the U.S. It is a japanese style of animation.
What ways can you animate? There are many ways that you can animate but the 3 most common ways are, Drawing the animation on paper scene by scene, the next way is Drawing it on a touch screen computer such as a mac book and many others, the last way is not as much used for regular animations. Mostly 3-D animes and games but can also be used for regular animes and it is using real people to act out the scenes. For me I honestly do not know which one i want to do right now
Aniplex is the company that I would like to join. Aniplex is a multimillion dollar company that was build from the ground up. The company confoverts manga (japanese comics) into animes (japanese animation). My field of work at this company would be either, The designer or the idealist. The designer either has his/her own anime that the design or someone else anime that the design for the convetion into an anime.
Friday, March 3, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Why CalArts?
California institution of Arts
Manga Company
Shueisha & Shonen Jump
Shueisha & Shonen Jump is the company that I would like to join. Shonen Jump is a multibillion dollar company that was also build from the ground up. The company creates manga (japanese comics) and then publishes them. My field of work at this company would be either, The idealist, the publisher, or the creator (the one that writes and draws the manga). The Idealist comes up with his/her ideas for manga or helps the creator with ideas for the manga. The creator is pretty much straight forward he/she is the one that creates the anime. And finally the publisher is the one that reads over what the creator has creater the publishes it.

Do you like learning about art and graphic design, while in a personalized learning area? Then CalArts is for you. California Institution of Arts is a private university which is in the Valencia neighborhood of the municipality of Santa Clarita in the California county of Los Angeles. CalArts is not just a school of visual art, it is also a school of the preforming arts. To get into CalArts you will need a Recommendations, while at most schools recommedations are optional, at CalArts they are a requirement because there acceptance rate is not very high. That brings us into our next thing, acceptance rate, the aceptance rate is 27.5 (thats only 1 of 4 people). Finally Credits accepted, AP credits and Dual credits, Credits for life experiences are not required.
Anime company
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