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Food Differences

No description

Gene Monahan

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Food Differences

Slaves and Plantation Owners


Slaves get a very little amount of food which include corn, fish, and meat. A rich plantation owner was William Byrd. The food he got was a variety including sausage, chocolate, cake, cheese, beef, cherries, fish, goose, artichokes, bread, butter, tea, crab, eggs, and punch.
The slaves got a little amount of clothes about one pair of shoes, one pair of stockings, one hat, one uncomfortable jacket, two uncomfortable shirts, and two pairs of trousers annually. The plantation owners got many clothes like gloves that are neat and strong, breeches, new buckles, shoes, stays, fans, ribbons, and knee bands,
What their lives were like
They had to pick cotton for the plantation owners and some toke care of tobacco or they would take care of sugar.The plantation owner's life wasn't nearly as bad as the slaves because they didn't get whipped since they whipped the slaves.
The Punishments
If slaves did something bad depending on how bad it was, they could whipped, shackling, hanging, beating, burning, and/or imprisonment. A punishment for a plantation owner would be not nearly as bad and they most likely wouldn't do something like prosecuted and/or execution.
Where They Lived
Slaves lived in old and small cabins made of wood. Since the space was small, you could only fit a few pieces of furniture. The furniture was well used and in bad condition. The plantation owners lived in big houses depending on how rich they were. They had many pieces of furniture since they had a large space. Most of the time the furniture was in good condition unless it was passed down by their family members.
Google Images, Google Search, Learning Packet, and Slavery Information.
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