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The Fantastic Elements of Philippine Epics: Matabagka Searches for the Wind Deity

A look at the epic of Matabagka and how it is embellished with fantastic or unreal qualities.

justine tenn

on 29 November 2011

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Transcript of The Fantastic Elements of Philippine Epics: Matabagka Searches for the Wind Deity

The Fantastic Elements
of Philippine Epics:
Matabagka Searches For the Wind Deity What is Fantastic?
a : based on fantasy : not real
b : conceived or seemingly conceived by unrestrained fancy
c : so extreme as to challenge belief : unbelievable; broadly : exceedingly large or great Fantasy is not Fantastic Fantasy is set in a different world or a secret realm within reality
Fantasy is meant to be entirely ficticious
Fantasy worlds are created and have an individual interpretation
Fantastic elements take place in reality
Fanatastic elements were often considered to be real
The interpretation of fantastic elements depend on the story teller About the Story Story follows the adventure of a heroine
She decides to save her brother's kingdom from destruction
She travels to the home of the wind deity and marries him
One day she steal two special artifacts from him and runs away
A battle ensues as the wind deity tries to get her back
Seeing as she has relations to both sides, a partnership is made
Everyone is joyful and happy Fantastic Elements in Part 1 The existence of Imbununga-- A Wind Deity
"That brave one is known as Inhampanghis name is Imbununga there he residesthere he dwells at the junction of Sungawanat the mouth of Libwanganthe exit of the whirlwindthe outlet of the windstorm" Taklubu--father of the whirlwind
Baklaw--father of the windstorm Fantastic Elements in Part 2 & 3 Matabagka calls on her friend the wind

She flies away riding her Sadok "And addressing the wind
her friend the wind
she called on the wind
her acquaintance the wind."
"When descended a strong wind
which buoyed up immediately
the sulinda she was riding on
suddenly floated
the sadok she was borne on…"
Fantastic Elments in Part 4-6 Fantastic Elements in Part 7&8 Fantastic Elements in Part 9 Fantastic Elements in Part 10 Not too many outright fantastic elements in this section
A reaffirmation of who imbununga is and his abilities from her purse Matabagka pulls a spear and a knife

she fights and kills countless warriors
"Without wasting timeshe reached for the sugoposinside her libonshe brought out her papalasplaces within her binulayher decorated papalasornamented with saliyaw" "everytime she stabbedthe dead increasedwith the warriors of Inhampangas she lungedthe dead multipliedwith the men of ImbunungaWe could not count" Chewing Betel nut instantly revives Matabagka's energy And Pigsayo chewed;
after she finished
the mama-on so sweet
the muno so luscious
she no longer felt exhausted
Imbununga is returned Taklubu and Baklaw and uses them to stop the fighting

Matabagka revives the dead men with betel chew

"She returns the baklaw and the taklubu to Imbununga, who then invokes the whirlwind and the windstorm to blow on the fighting men. The strong winds so weaken the men that they can no longer fight." "Matabagka now revives all the dead men by putting betel-chew into their mouths, after which all the warriors return to Nalandangan amidst great joy and merriment." The Story A presentation by Justine Tenn
Eng 376
Fall 2011 Conclusion Thank You for Listening Any Questions?
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