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The ball hogs

No description

ismael alaichi

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of The ball hogs

The ball hogs
By rich wallance
The setting takes place mostly in the soccer field and in the school. The month is June. I know that because each soccer team starts around the month of June. The soccer field looks big and the grass is green. The schools of the playground is crowded. Almost all of the student are playing four square.
Thank you !!!!!!!!!!
The main characters in this story are Ben, Mark, Erin, Shayna, Jordan
Ben is some time nice and a little bit grumpy has brown and short hair. He is tall
and skinny. And also he is the best player in his team witch is the bobcats and he has the most strongest kick . Also when he loses a game he always blaming it on him self.

Mark is mean. Mark has light brown hair skinny and fast . when his team loses he always blaming Ben by
(we lost because you didn't past to me ''said mark'')


The theme is team work is the key to
win. I know that because in the story Erin
and Ben where playing chess . Ben capture
Erin king but Erin took her Bishop and killed Ben's queen.
-How did you that Ben asked
-Its team work (said Erin)

The name author name is Rich Wallace .
When Ben had his other game he though
about how Erin and Ben where playing chess.
When the game started he pass the ball to Erin
than she past the ball back to Ben. After Ben pasted to mark and scored.
And thats called teamwork
The Conflict
The conflict is man vs man . I know that because
in the story when Ben joined the soccer and Mark was always says I'm better than Ben then every thing
and so each time mark says that Ben starts arguing with Mark.
Mark and Ben became friends when they won one of the game.

The rising action is when Ben and Mark where never passing the ball to each other. And while they where doing they where putting there team down.
The climax is when the bobcats had a another game.
Ben started with the ball and when he was running he past the ball to Erin. The Erin past the ball to Shayna. Witch She past the ball to Ben. And he Past the ball to mark because he had a clear shot to the goal. And then Mark scored

In high school, Wallace began to write comprehensively in his diaries while working on his school’s newspaper. As a student at Montclair College he took creative writing classes, which made him to write some novels.
and the books he is righting about sports such as soccer baseball and football
ismael alaichi
It all started when Ben and Mark joined th bobcats team.
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