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Wind Power

No description

Elizabeth Nicometo

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Wind Power

It is renewable. It is renewable because wind will always be created over and over, since hot and cold air will always be changing places. Therefore, wind will always be created.
What is Wind Power?
How Do We Use Wind Power?
Is it renewable or non-renewable?
How do we generate wind power?
What are wind turbines?
When was the idea discovered?
Wind Mills used to be used for grinding grain or pumping water. Today we use the Wind Turbine as a source of electricity.

Who Discovered Wind Power And How?
If you want to get technical you could say that the people who first used wind as a form of energy were the people who first invented sailboats around thousands of years ago. However, the first person to convert wind energy into mechanical energy was Hero Alexandria, a famous Greek inventor. He was also the first person to create the first wind powered machine, the wind powered organ.
Wind power or wind energy describes the process by which the wind is harnessed to generate mechanical power or electricity.
* It costs a lot for maintenance
* It costs a lot for parts and to build it

How does wind power affect humans?
Wind power is a very clean, and one of the most environment friendly ways to get energy. It does not give off any harmful gasses, or air pollutants. Because of this, humans are not harmed from gathering wind energy, unlike burning fossil fuels which are bad for our health because of the harmful gasses it gives off.
Wind was used for transportation as early as 5000 B.C. for boats traveling on the Nile. Wind power was then used for windmills that pumped water in China by 200 B.C. It wasn't until the 19th century that the idea of wind generating electricity was brought to action. Rural Electrification Administration programs had brought cheap electric power to a majority of the rural areas of the United States in the 1930's. The development of wind turbines, larger windmills to generate energy, appeared in Denmark around 1890.
How does it affect animals?
Wind power itself does not really affect animals. The wind turbine that is used to generate electricity through wind power is the one that is a threat to the birds and especially bats. Because the blades are very long and moving at 150 to 200 mph at the tips, depending on the model, it still inflicts considerable amount of damage to the birds and bats. Research shows that thousands of bats were killed in just a couple of months at one location and it was also determined that this happens at other sites too.
The turbine' s other problem is that it takes up too much space. Clearing up trees has to happen a lot when putting up a wind turbine. Because of this, animals have to move out and find some new habitat.
It is renewable
It is safe for the environment
It does not affect human health in any way

Wind can be used to generate mechanical power or electricity. Some terms for this are "wind energy" or "wind power". Wind turbines are used to generate this energy. They convert kinetic energy of the blowing wind into mechanical power. Wind turbines may look like giant fans, but they are actually the opposite. Instead of using electricity to move and make wind, turbines use wind to make electricity. The very large propeller blades are turned by wind. Wind creates lift. Lift moves the blades. The stronger the win, the more energy is produced. Also, by increasing the radius, it increases the amount of energy produced. The movement of the propellers power the electric generator. The generator can then power homes, businesses,
whole cities, and towns.
* It takes a lot of wind to make it economical
* Wind Turbines can get damaged during strong
* Wind Turbine farms can be very noisy
* It costs more to build Wind Turbine farms off shore
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