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Isac Brauman

No description

Kate Mini

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Isac Brauman

and his story Isac Brauman The Holocaust The Holocaust was started by a guy named Adolf Hitler. Hitler hated Jewish people like Isac and thought that they should be punished and killed for being Jewish. He made all the children like little Isac and the adults wear stars on their clothing. Isac Brauman was born in 1937 and lived in Liepaja, Latvia. At time of the Holocaust and he was 4. He was like every four year old. He had a loving family a mom and a dad he even had an older brother named Isi. The only difference was he's Jewish. Isac Bruman Isac's End Why we Should Remember Isac Brauman they wore stars like this on their clothing We should remember Isac Brauman and other children of the Holocaust because of how fortunate we are. Those kids were treated awful and were abused and were murdered because they were different. Isac had a very short life. He didn't get to do and see much. We are very fortunate to live a long life and not be abused, taken away from our families, and murdered because of being different. We are all different in our own way and that's a good. It's sad that Hitler didn't see that being different is good. Hitler punished the Jewish children and family by putting them in concentration camps or putting them to death.
On the night of December 14, 1941 the german soldiers invaded the Brauman's house and other Jewish families houses. They took them to a small village to be put to their death. Sadly Isac was only four and that was his end. Adolf Hitler Holocaust What Adolf Hitler did was like bullying. He mistreated people because they were Jewish or disabled.So if you see someone being bullied do something about it! Your the future! You have the power for things like the Holocaust to never happen again! Never Again Bullying
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