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Religious Movements Worldwide - Old & New

Group FC Presentation - Religon

Tadhg Ó Coileáin

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Religious Movements Worldwide - Old & New

The Americas Ellen Africa Timmy Asia Maeve Oceania Maayan Europe Kate Religious Movements Worldwide Old & New Scientology Elron Hubbard - 1952 Reports and Allegations "...unscrupulous commercial enterprise that harasses its critics and brutally exploits its members." Free Practice ~ Strong-Arm Tactics
Directed against critics and members wishing to leave the organization Heaven’s Gate Syncretistic Religion Elements of Christianity ~ Unusual beliefs about the nature of UFOs "Brother and Sister" = Monks and Nuns Live communally in a large, rented San Diego County (CA) home which they call their monastery Rancho Santa Fe, California - March 26, 1997 38 group members, plus Applewhite, the group’s leader, were found dead: said to be one of the most widely-known examples of cult suicide Destructive, Doomsday Cult The Church of Bible Understanding Origins Teachings Place of
Worship Modern Day
Status Nichiren Kenshokai
Origin Teaching Places of Worship Modern Day Status, Funding, Membership • Japanese in origin.
• Began as a lay group of Nichiren Shoshu.
• Formally known as Myoshinko.
• Continuously seek to reassert their national identity and excuse themselves for the atrocities they committed during the war.
• Use a nationalist interpretation of the Nichiren Shoshu doctrines.
• As a result of their bitter rivalry and subsequent violence toward another lay group of Nichiren Shoshu they were excommunicated.
• 1982- renamed itself from Myoshinko to Nichiren Kenshokai.
• Present leader is Shoei Asai. • When Shoei Asai leads ceremonies, followers come in their hundreds to convention centre type venues to hear him speak. • Membership= (around) 881,865 followers
-Asai claims to have attracted 11,000 new members in June 2002 alone.
• One of the largest religious movements in Asia.
• Many high school students quitting school and many people quitting jobs to join Nichiren kenshokai.
• Nichiren Kenshokais nationalistic appeal is popular among young men, including many members of Japans self- defence force.
• Dislike media attention.
• Funding presumably from members.
• Most religious movements based on Buddhist beliefs and practices.
• Many made up of individuals who have left former religious groups in search of stricter movements which often practice more radical and extreme beliefs and in some cases essentially guarantee salvation on entry.
• Thousands of new religious movements established in Asia in recent years.
-As of 2002- over 2,000 new religions established in Japan alone
• Newer religious movements include:
1. Ho No Hana Sanpogyo
2. Aum Shinrikyo (Aleph) • Teaching’s revised after WWII because some of their previous doctrines were discredited because Japan lost the war.
• Shoei Asai, along with his followers, believes Nichiren Kenshokai is destined to become the national religion of Japan and therefore they are determined to convert the entire Japanese population. As of 2002 they believed that it would take 10 to 20 years for this to happen. Practices/Rituals
• Religious ceremonies include sermons, often delivered by Asai.
• Chants recited by entire congregation:
‘The sound of footsteps roar the earth a grand marching of the missionaries in the midst of evil and eternal damnation, Buddha’s army rises to save the suffering.’
• Testimonials delivered by followers in congregation.
• Missionaries Overview Nittatsu Shonin, former head of the Nichiren Shoshu. New Religious movements in Europe •New Religious movements/ cults are growing in Europe every day for example in Germany in 1907 there were 7new reiligous movements which had 35,000 members. Today in Germany there are over 90 cults with over 800,000 members.
•Many New religious movements originate in Europe (The order of the solar temple) but many more spread from other continents to Europe such as Scientology.
•Scientologists believe in bringing man to total freedom and truth.
The Scientology cross has eight corners representing the eight dynamics of existence. •Scientology has become a popular new religious movement in Ireland it established here over 25 years ago.
•Over 30,000 Irish people have received free Scientology services, including free personal tests. Wicca:
Another popular new religious movement in Ireland is the new religious movement of Wicca (witchcraft).
Wiccans rituals include practicing magic which usually occurs when there is a full moon they also believe in the triple goddess, this is the goddess of the moon, stars and fate and they believe in the horned god associated with forests and animals and the realm beyond death.
The number of Wiccans in Ireland now tops 3,000 people as the new religious movement is becoming ever more popular amongst angst-ridden teenagers.
Due its Celtic origins, Ireland is fast becoming the place to be for wiccans and pagans of all kinds. Christina's house of prayer: Originated in County Mayo on Achill island.
Christina claimed to have had visions of the Virgin Mary since 1998, to be a prophet and to suffer from stigmata on her feet.
She set up a "house of prayer" where priests and laity would come to prayer and worship together.
Followers of The house of prayer were completely brainwashed as they believed Christina could provide "miracle cures", a woman claimed that her unborn baby had been pronounced dead but had come back to life after she visited the House of Prayer, and another woman, Kathleen O'Sullivan claimed that she was cured of pancreatic cancer.
Christina received many donations from an older population and police began to get suspicious as she had no visible income but bought her daughter a house worth €1 million in Ballina, County Mayo and she was living in a house worth €4 million house in Dublin.
The centre was investigated by the Garda but there was no prosecution against the House of Prayer. The order of the solar temple: Odinani Igboland SE Nigeria, 30m Chukwu God Almighty Alusi Amadioha Igwe Ekwensu Thunder &
Lightning Sky Trickster/Sneaky Lesser Deities Overview The Christadelphians The Christadelphians are a small religious group of people who follow the faith and beliefs of the first century Christians as recorded in the Bible. They believe the Bible to be the inspired by word of God and is their only guide.

Christadelphians have been in existence for over 150 years. The name “Christadelphian” comes from two Greek words that mean “brothers and sisters in Christ”. Like the early Christians, they meet in homes, rented rooms and halls.

The Christadelhpian movement is a very humble religion. They do not try to convert non believers. Origins The Christadelphian Movement was founded by Dr. John Thomas, who was born in England in 1805. He was the son of a Congregational minister, so like many other religious movement leaders he came from a Church background.

In 1838 Dr. John Thomas started his own religous movement called "Christadelphianism" Teachings and Practices •Christadelphians believe that God is the creator of all things and the father of true believers, that he is a separate being from his son, Jesus Christ, and that the Holy Spirit is the power of God used in creation and for salvation.

•They also believe that the phrase Holy Spirit sometimes refers to God's character/mind, depending on the context in which the phrase appears, but reject the orthodox Christian view that we need strength, guidance and power from the Holy Spirit to live the Christian life.

•Christadelphian membership occurs through a baptism. Place of Worship Each congregation is called an ‘Ecclesia’ (the Greek word for church). They have no paid clergy or church hierarchy. Members of each congregation are addressed as brother or sister and all are involved in organising ecclesial activities. Members contribute their time and energy voluntarily in service to God. Modern Day Status & Funding It is estimated there are over 50,000 Christadelphians worldwide with over 150 Ecclesias in Australia alone.

Christadelphianism is a non profit religious movement because their Ecclesias are usually set up in homes or halls there are
no fees or membership costs. Practices & Rituals Founded in 1971 by Stewart Traill.
Originally named the Forever Family.
1976 name changed to the 'Church of Bible Understanding'.
Traill born in 1936 in Quebec, son of a Presbyterian minister. Teaching a form of evangelical Christianity.
Traill undisputed leader.
Members not allowed to read outside literature or socialised with other Christian groups.
Members required to spread the 'good news' in public. Members lived communally and worked for the group carpet cleaning business.
90% members income went to group.
By 1975 communal houses were established across the US and Canada. Declined in US.
Strong presence in Haiti.
Set up orphanages and donate food.
Goal is to achieve a metophorical 'city of children'. Symbol of Scientology A Pentagram "House of prayer" Inside the "house of prayer" Christina's house Origins This new religious movement was founded by Joseph Di Mambro in Geneva, Switzerland in 1984.
Since then has moved to other countries such as France and Quebec. Symbol of the Order of the solar temple Beliefs and Rituals They believed in giving up their lives for a higher spiritual meaning.
Their rituals took place around the time of the solstices: This is when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky which occurs twice a year.
Before they killed themselves their bodies were dressed in ceremonial robes and were placed in a circle, feet together, heads outwards and plastic bags over their heads. It is believed that those bags are used as part of their rituals. Overview •The order of the solar temple is best known for its murder/suicide of its members.
•The first mass suicides were conducted at Cherry and Salvan two villages in western Switzerland.
•15 members committed suicide with poison. 13 were shot and 8 by other causes.
•There is also evidence that many of the victims in this temple were drugged before their death.
•There was a discovery of another suicide in France in the late 1990s. Ancient Egyptian
Religion Pharaohs Gods' Representative Writings &
Monuments Gods Ra, Amun, Isis Polytheistic Faith Existed for 3000+ Years Afterlife Tombs, Goods, Offerings Malagasy Religion Lemurs Sacred, not to be
hurt or harmed Island of
Madagascar Spirits "Benevolent Forces in the
lives of the living"
Angatra (Ghosts of the Dead)
if they're ignored Folklore, Oral History,
& Storytelling Andrianerinerina Yorùbá Religion Origins & Beliefs Yorùbáland SW Nigeria, Benin, Togo Population; ca.40m Music Practices, Rituals
& Place of Worship Dedicated to the Gods Advanced Drumming The Alajota Music and Dance Company Dundun
"Talking Drum" Sekere O se Go raibh
maith agaibh And now over
to Maeve :) "Ih-seh" . Yorùbá religion is formed of diverse traditions which are part of the total complex of songs, histories, stories and other cultural concepts. More Beliefs No Single Founder Olòrún Supreme Creator Others - 'Orisha' Deities Erinle Medicine, Healing,
and Comfort Oshun Love, Intimacy, Beauty,
Wealth & Diplomacy Yemaja Mother Goddess,
Patron Deity of Women Òrún-Réré ~ Òrún-Apadi
Creation Theory Modern Day Status •The suicides continued in France and Quebec until December 2001 when Michael Tabachnik was arrested. Michael was one of the leaders of the Solar Temple.
•Michael was cleared in 2006. There has been no sign of The order of the solar temple since this. Therefore we do not know if this new religious movement still exists in private or it has ended. House in Switzerland where most members lived. Obatala - Iron, Soil, a Rooster Shrines
& Prayer
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