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Wireless Communication

Team #1, Explain about Verizon Wireless

Wei Yu Zhao

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication Team #1
Bryan Engelmann
Jessica Gamarra
Ruth Huoh
Lisa Klispie
Wei Yu Zhao Key competitors Sprint-Ne


Questions ? Price Comparison Evidence Data based on monthly access charges for unlimited
voice minutes and unlimited text/MMS messaging in the 14228 area code before taxes. Research from carrier website quotes.
Network Capabilities Evidence Data based on how many stars each wireless telecommunications carrier earned from J.D. Power Associates for each region in the 2010 Wireless Call Quality Performance Study.
Key Internal Resources Customer care Verizon ranks highest
Call quality verizon ranks highest Based on:
Dropped calls
Failed call connection on first try
Voice distortion
No immediate voicemail notification
No immediate text message notification
Strategic Positioning Analysis Broad Focus Cost LEadership product differentiation strategic fit analysis Moderate fit Moderate fit Perfect fit Strategies External Environment Internal Resources Differentiation targeting at broad customers
Relatively unique position against rivals
Merge and Acquisition within its industry
Shift from “Dog” to “Star”
Technology development
New rival threat (Google)
Core competence to develop a high call quality
Relatively unique technological resource
strategic suggestions Sustain the Maturity Level

Create a New Industry Life Cycle

Partnership with Other Industry Elites
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