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were the mayan, inca, and aztec civilization advanced?

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on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of were the mayan, inca, and aztec civilization advanced?

Were the Mayan, Inca, and Aztec civilizations advanced?
Was the Mayan civilization advanced?
I think the Mayan civilization was advanced except
their structure and government.

Mayan civilization
Mayan Civilization
The Mayan civilization
Even though the Mayan government and structure was just a loose collection of city states, they eventually managed to band together to form something like the triple alliance that the Aztecs had. The triple alliance was a combination of the three most powerful city states and it ruled most of the Mayan empire. There was never fighting between them. I don't think their structure brought them down to a non-advanced level because of their writing system, their religion, and their trade.
The Mayans were the only civilization that had a complete writing system with numbers and letters. This shows that they were advanced because with this writing system they could communicate better and keep track of trade and history. Without writing, trade could get messed up and other people could possibly steal, and we also might not know anything about their culture.
Religion was the center of their culture and this was very important because it led them to make scientific discoveries. They believed that the stars told the story of the gods, so they studied the stars and found constellations. Without the Mayans we might not have found out about the constellations until recently and without their writing they would not be able to copy them down
Inca Civilization
I think the Inca empire was advanced especially because of their structure and government and trade and economy.
Inca Civilization
The Inca empire was organized sort of like the Roman empire, and the Roman empire lasted for a long time. They had roads and bridges connecting city states, which was good for trading and communicating between each other. They also had a fiercesome army but they preferred to persuade people into joining them. This was smart because if the Incas asked people to join them, they would want to say yes and the Inca army would not loose any soldiers in battle. If they people said no, then the Inca army would go in, and kill them. This also shows that they could make a strong army and it was so strong that everybody joined them. The ruler of the Incas was called the Sapa Inca and the Inca empire was the largest empire before the spanish came.
Inca civilization
The Incas had storage areas for food that was distributed across the empire when crops failed. This shows that they were organized and they thought about there people. This kept them from dying off because of starvation. They also offered to share wealth with people who joined them but they had to pay a form of tax called Mita and work on public projects once a year. In this process the other people would not want to die, so they said yes to joining them. The Incas also got something out of it; they would have more people to build roads and bridges, and from this they could expand their empire, and make it an even bigger one.
Inca civilization
Aztec civilization
Even though the rest of their civilization wasn't completely advanced, they still spoke the same language, and believed in gods.
I don't think the Aztec civilization was advanced, mostly because of their structure, religion, and writing.
Aztec Civilization
Even though the Aztecs had the triple alliance, their structure was also a loose collection of city states and tribes. They weren't unified, and for a civilization and be advanced, I think they have to be unified.
Aztec Civilization
The Aztecs did have religion and they believed that the gods created the world. Because they "created" the world, the Aztecs made human sacrifices 18 times a year. I don't think a civilization that made human sacrifices is considered advanced.
Aztec Civilization
Even though the Aztecs spoke the same language, they did not have a complete writing system like the Mayas. Because they did not have this important part of their culture, I think it brought them down a lot.
Aztec Civilization
Even though their was nothing wrong with the rest of their civilization, I think those three things brought them down a lot, making them not advanced.
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