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fair trade

No description

josh warren

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of fair trade

Fair Trade i think fair trade is a good thing because it gives the workers who make the products a fair price it also turns dangerous
work places into safe places
to work safe
zone What really is fairtrade?
What does it do?
Is it really better?
I am about to tell you my veiws on fairtrade through this presentation. the question were going to start
with is to see what fair trade realy
is and what it realy does it will also help reduce
poverty in the LEDC some people say
that fairtrade items
are more expensive but
normaly the're not. they are mostly
the same price. it also provides health care for
the worker and his family
you also get payed holiday
and shorter days and weeks it will also not allow children to
work so that they can focus on their education All these things
seem pretty good to have.
So there cant really be any
bad things about it. Accept
there is some bad things, like
non-fairtrade bussnisses un-able
to get the same benifits. So that means that fairtrade needs to expand their service to more companys. I hope you liked my presentation.
thank you.
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