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Henry Ford

Industrialist, 1863-1947

Ashley Davis

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Henry Ford

(1863-1947) Born on July 30, 1863 Ford's Final Years Did chores on the farm Didn't have training, experience and limited education, but worked his way to the top Poverty Connection? Ford Motor Company Americans loved Ford, farmers trusted in him (The Great Depression) "Ford Craze"(1914-1929) & War First of 6 born to William and Mary Ford Prosperous farm near Dearborn, Michigan Went to a one-room school Passion for mechanics, not farm work Left home in 1879 at 16 to work as an apprentice machinist for three years in Detroit Married Ciara Bryant in 1888 Only son, Edsel Bryant Ford born 1893 Henry Ford's Thoughts... Theory X Believer... "He's not much of a farmer, he's a tinkerer" - William Ford about Henry An American Industrialist "Why Ford for president? It is ridiculous. How can a man over sixty years old, who has done nothing but make motors, who has no training, no experience, aspire to such an office. It is most ridiculous." - Senator James Couzens, 1923 Kept laborers happy, paid them 5 and 6 dollars a day in his factory Advocated "soft money" - provided solace to the poor Family hated violence and war Friends circulated ballots in 1916 to put Ford on the presidential preference ballot for the Republican Party Didn't want to run for office, did not want anything to do with political campaigns Won April election with 83,058 votes Didn't ever become president, stayed clear of politics "Money is worth what it will help you to produce or buy and no more." "Wealth is nothing more or less than a tool to do things with. It is like the fuel that runs the furnace or the belt that runs the wheel - only a means to an end." "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." Model T Car - For rural Americans, with the help of Frederick Taylor, production time decreased, enabling Ford to pay workers more ($5-6/day)- more demand for factory job "Hardly a competent workman can be found who does not devote a considerable amount of time to studying just how slowly he can work and still convince his employer that he is going at a good pace." - Frederick Taylor Model A Car - 1903 Model T Car - 1908 55% of auto industry's total output from Ford Motor Company by 1921 Develops the Tri-Motor airplane in 1926 1932 first V-8 car Signs contract with United Automobile Workers in 1941 Son, Edsel dies in 1943 Henry Ford dies April 7, 1947 at age 83 in Dearborn, Michigan Edsel Ford named President of Ford Motor Company in 1919 Pragmatism point of view - very practical in terms of working for your money and using it for what you need, smart with his wealth Went fishing instead of campaigning "Peace Candidate" - devoted to pacifism Supported Woodrow Wilson - Ford Advertisement in his favor $58,800 in 500 newspapers Anti-war, believed that men in the army were either lazy or crazy Said he would gladly spend half his fortune if it would shorten the war by one day Thought the word "murderer" should be embroidered on the chest of every soldier & sailor The Grapes of Wrath - relates to difference characters for different reasons:
Tom Joad - respected by many
Al Joad - loves cars
Ford Throughout the Years... And today... Ford still continues grow! Mastered watch repair by 15 (fascinated by watches) Tried using bicycle tires to build first car (weighing 500 lbs) Met Harvey Firestone in 1895 Firestone ordered pneumatic tires for Ford to use on his car Ford Motor Company Incorporated in 1903 by Ashley Davis
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